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FIrst FLights

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Graham Leembrugen’s New RV-6A | Albany (South Coast) Western Australia RV-6A #22246

Graham Leembrugen’s #22246 RV-6A flew today 21st November 2019. The slow build started in 1993 and all Graham’s friends are very pleased to see his aircraft finally take to the air from his grass strip… VH-XHG is powered by 0-320 turning a Burnie Warnke 70/74 wood propeller. Test Pilot for the flight was Greg McFarlane.

Ian Chapman’s New RV-6 | Auckland New Zealand RV-6 #23570

Congratulations to Ian Chapman, who write in about his first flight: On Sat 12 Oct 2019 after 25 years of construction Van’s RV-6 ZK-VNZ #23570 took to the air with David Wilkinson (RV-8 ZK-WLK) at the controls. It was fantastic watching an aircraft that one has constructed in the garage at home lining up on […] Read More

Bill Sallee’s New RV-9 | Sylvania Ohio RV-9 #91445

Congrats to Bill Sallee on the first flight of his new RV-9! He writes in to tell us: Bought from a gentleman from Wisconsin that spent 10 plus years building and decided to sell, I finished her up and took her for her first flight, besides a couple of minor squawks, she flew straight and […] Read More

Steve Collins’ New RV-7 | Payson, Arizona RV-7 #74060

Steve writes in with his great news! Congrats! 1st flight of my new RV-7 performed by my good friend Rory Hansen (RV-6 builder/owner) and myself departing Payson (KPAN) around 4:30pm lasting a little over an hour as I worked to get the engine moving along on the break-in process, doing some basic stability tests, trim […] Read More

Denis Bergeron’s RV-7A | Kingston Ontario Canada RV-7A #72156

A belated report, but exciting and fun – Congrats to Denis! “After almost 40 years of flying helicopters it was time to fly some fixed wing A/C. After 12 years of part time building it all came together on Nov. 15, 2018. C-GWHL took off from Kingston (CYGK) and went up for initial flight. The […] Read More

Denis Sailer’s New RV-9A | Cedar Rapids Iowa RV-9A #91962

Congrats to Denis on his new airplane! “After 9+ years of building the first flight is now in the books. EAA Chapter 33 Flight Advisor, Dave Lammers, sat in the right seat as my QP. There a few small things to adjust, but overall the flight went very well. Looking forward to many more.”

Andrew Hamber’s New RV-8! | Owen Sound, ON Canada RV-8 #83161

Well after 8 years and 8 months of building (and a ton of help) I finally received my Certificate of Airworthiness. Have been through Mike Seager’s training in the RV7 plus a few flights in a couple other taildraggers, I just needed the weather to cooperate. November 7th turned out to be the day, and […] Read More

Jason Ely | Golden Colorado RV-14 #140464

Congrats to Jason, who’s RV grin tells the whole story. He writes to tell us: Happy to report N303XC, a RV-14, took to the air November 7th over Boulder, Colorado. Engine and airplane ran beautifully. Flew with my good friend and mentor through the qualified pilot program. Great to share the experience.

Don Gingerich’s RV-7A | Lebanon Ohio USA RV-7A #72557

Congrats to Don, who writes in to tell us: 13 years to build between business trips. FAA airworthiness Inspection completed 10/25/2019, great experience. Transition training 11/02-03/19 with Chris Droege in Boise, money and time well spent. First flight 11/06/ 2019, went flawless Thanks to: Van’s for a great kit All those before me who shared […] Read More

Ray Fessenden’s New RV-9A | Langley B.C. Canada RV-9A #91413

Congrats to Ray, who writes: Had instructor Bob Salway ride with me. Weather at CYXX [Abbotsford] was CAVOK with no wind. Aeroplane is a slow build with a Titan O-320 D1A and a hartzell propeller. It has all Van’s steam gauges and a sliding canopy. The aeroplane jumped off the ground and established a positive […] Read More

John Price’s New RV-7! | Plattsmouth, NE RV-7 #73675

Congrats to John on the first flight of his new RV-7! He writes: Flight was uneventful, YIO360-M1B with 72″ Hartzell CS prop (Vans engine/prop package), Dual 10″ G3X, GTN650, GMC307, GTR200, GTX45R, G5, GMA245, VPX PRO, left PMAG/right Slick. 168kts TAS at 75% power, 6500 ft msl at 21 deg F. A little over 2 […] Read More

Michael Linett’s Completed RV-10 | Denton, Texas RV-10 #41724

Congratulations to Michael and July on their new airplane! They wrote in to tell us: July and I took just over 3 years to build the RV-10 quick build kit. We have a Barrett engine, Hotel Whiskey extended tanks, Anti Splat cowl flaps, airflow air conditioning and a panel by Rob Hickman’s team at advanced. […] Read More

Lorenzo Blake | Wynne AR RV-9 #90024

Congrats to Lorenzo on the first flight of his new RV-9! After almost five years of what I thought would be a year, we took flight today. The 9 flew flawlessly for an hour with five great landings. I dedicate this plane to my dad for all the projects we never got in the air […] Read More

Ben Westfall’s New RV-10! | Coeur d Alene, ID RV-10 #40579

Congratulations to Ben on the first flight of his RV-10. He writes in to share his story and a video: This day finally arrived. After 13 1/2 years building my RV-10 N104EE took flight for the first time this afternoon on a gorgeous fall day in Coeur d Alene, ID. What a ride! Hard to […] Read More

John Tower’s RV-6A | Albion, New York RV-6A #25633

Congrats to John on the completion and first flight of his RV-6A! “Another 20 year build. I started the tail kit in 1999, had the wings and fuselage assembled past the quick build stage, but life got in the in 2005 and I stopped work on it for the next 8 years. In 2013 after […] Read More

William Hale’s New RV-8 | Lake Geneva, Wisconsin RV-8 #82463

Congrats to William on the completion and first flight of his RV-8! He writes to tell us: After fourteen years of start and stop building (Airline Pilot Schedule) N159WP flew for 1 hour and fifteen minutes on September 26, 2019, and many more since. The airplane is a delight to fly, and gets accolades where […] Read More

Hernan Rios’ New RV-10 | Auburn, WA RV-10 #41915

Congrats to Hernan on his new RV-10! He writes in to tell us: First flight was pure joy. The plane trimmed well and flew hands off effortlessly. The controllability and maneuverability are everything I expected from the experiences of my RV owner friends. To finally fly an RV-10 was the culmination of one of our […] Read More

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