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FIrst FLights

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As of today, 10,929 RV aircraft have been completed and flown!

We learn of flying RVs in several different ways, and we can only add your RV to our counter if you let us know it’s flown! Ideally, a builder will use the form linked from this page to send us the story and a photo/video or two or three of his or her personal “RV grin.” Sometimes they call us on the phone, which is great but doesn’t actually provide us with anything to publish on the web. Other times we find out incidentally; for example when a customer calls to order new tires and we wonder why someone who is still building (as far as we know) would need them. Or, we may discover a first flight announcement on an RV web forum or other online venue. On yet other occasions, we learn of a new batch of flying RVs from “RV factories” overseas, but without the individual owner details.

We’d like to see more RV grins here, so please submit your first-flight story and pictures of your new “baby,” or we (and the rest of the world) may never know of your success! Click the “Submit Report” link on the right to do it!

First Flight Reports:

Greg Young’s RV-6 | Spring, Texas RV-6 #24633

Congratulations to Greg on the new RV-6! He writes: Dubbed the Phoenix Project, this was a replacement for my first RV-6. I started this build from a partially completed kit picked up in June of 2002. I’ve split my time with flying and upgrading a Navion but have continued to chip away at the RV. […] Read More

Glenn Vokac’s RV-8 | Oswego, Illinois RV-8 #83182

Congrats to Glenn on the first flight of his RV-8! He wrote in to report: My RV-8, serial number #83182 had a successful first flight on May 14, 2021with only a few minor squawks. This is the second RV-8 I have built and flown. The engine is an IO-360-M1B with a Hartzell blended airfoil prop, […] Read More

Paul and Mary Beth Elsen’s RV-14A | Winnebago, Illinois RV-14A #140524

Congratulations to Paul and Mary Beth on their new RV-14A: We decided to start this retirement “adventure” at Oshkosh 2018. Did the Van’s build workshop together at Oshkosh. Ordered our RV-14A kit in August 2018. Decided to utilize the help of SynergyAir in Eugene Oregon. Started building our empennage in December 2018. Spent 24+ 40 […] Read More

Mark Rogers’ RV-14A | Foley, Alabama RV-14A #140731

Mark wrote in to let us know about the recent completion and first flight of his RV-14A: Nice airplane, significant climb rate, very nicely harmonized controls. Reminds me of my days in the T-37. Covid and a very engaged Spouse resulted in a relatively quick build. Replaces a LongEZ that we built 35 years ago.

James Hamilton’s RV-8 | Leesburg, Virgina RV-8 #83724

Congrats to James on the new RV-8, he writes: N420RV took to the skies over northern Virginia on Sunday, May 9, 2021 after 3 years of building. The plane flew wonderfully. Actually, the best plane I’ve ever flown (although I may be a bit biased). Totally worth all of the effort and frustration of the […] Read More

Doug Volkmer’s RV-7 | Lincoln, NE RV-7 #71616

Congrats to Doug on the first flight of his new RV-7! He wrote in to report: My RV-7 took to the skies on April 18th, 2021 at the experienced hands of Doug Roth. I built this plane with a ‘keep it simple’ approach. My instrument panel is rather sparse. I have an analog airspeed indicator […] Read More

Scott Stewart’s RV-14 | Arlington, WA RV-14 #140325

Congratulations to Scott on the first flight of his RV-14! He writes: It finally happened! After two years of building, and another six months of painting, my RV-14 finally flew this week! Four years ago, my wife was wandering around the Van’s display at Oshkosh and snuck over to the -14 demo plane. When she […] Read More

Jesse and Ken Norling’s RV-12 | Auburn, WA RV-12 #120577

Congrats to Jesse and Ken on their new RV-12. Here’s their story: Nearly 10 years ago, I bought the RV-12 empennage kit after looking at several different airplane options. This started the best father-son project you could imagine. I started the build, and as I got further along it became a weekly tradition for my […] Read More

Gary Thorne’s New RV-12 | Rotorua, New Zealand RV-12 #120172

Congratulations to Gary on his RV-12! He wrote to tell the tale: It was ready to fly in March 2020. Inspections were scheduled for late March. Then the country went into a 6 week lockdown courtesy of Covid 19! Finally got inspections done in May and flew on 6 June, a date I’ll remember as […] Read More

Martin Rousseau’s RV-9A | La Sarre, Quebec, Canada RV-9A #91124

Congratulations to Martin on another RV, this one being an awesome RV-9A! He writes: It’s my second RV. I have an RV-7A since 5 years. The test flight of the RV-9A was done without any problem. A left heavy wing will be easily fixed but besides that, all goes perfectly! IO-320-EXP engine, Whelen light, Dynon […] Read More

John Johnson’s RV-7 | Murphy, NC RV-7 #72974

John writes in to share the story of his new RV-7’s first flight! N9974P is a standard build kit that took over 13 years to build. I enjoyed the build and it was a true learning experience. I performed the first flight at KRHP which went well except for an inoperative airspeed indicator and a […] Read More

Jonathan Elliott’s RV-7 | Dunedin, New Zealand RV-7 #72430

Nice work, Jonathon on your new RV-7! He writes in to tell us all about his new airplane: After a 3 year build my RV-7 took to the skies yesterday for the first time. Happy to say we had a successful first flight and it’s flying perfectly. Hands off straight and level, can’t ask for […] Read More