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FIrst FLights

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As of today, 11,237 RV aircraft have been completed and flown!

We learn of flying RVs in several different ways, and we can only add your RV to our counter if you let us know it’s flown! Ideally, a builder will use the form linked from this page to send us the story and a photo/video or two or three of his or her personal “RV grin.” Sometimes they call us on the phone, which is great but doesn’t actually provide us with anything to publish on the web. Other times we find out incidentally; for example when a customer calls to order new tires and we wonder why someone who is still building (as far as we know) would need them. Or, we may discover a first flight announcement on an RV web forum or other online venue. On yet other occasions, we learn of a new batch of flying RVs from “RV factories” overseas, but without the individual owner details.

We’d like to see more RV grins here, so please submit your first-flight story and pictures of your new “baby,” or we (and the rest of the world) may never know of your success! Click the “Submit Report” link on the right to do it!

First Flight Reports:

Jeffrey Turner’s RV-14 | New Richmond, WI RV-14 #140546

Congrats to Jeffrey, who writes: I am happy to announce that the first flight of my RV-14 went very well. She rotated earlier than I expected and flew hands off, with only a couple of minor squawks. A big thank you to my family and friends who helped and supported me with this build. Especially […] Read More

Don Eisele’s RV-14 | N57 Pennsylvania RV-14 #140329

Congrats to Don, who writes: First flight was flown by my good friend and fellow builder, Matt S. It was a beautiful, clear October day, and N1477M leapt into the air authoritatively! The airplane performed flawlessly for the approximately one hour duration. The only squawk was a minor oil leak found after removing the cowling.. […] Read More

Benjamin Bott’s RV-14A | Bulverde TX RV-14A #140794

Congrats to Benjamin, who writes: First flight was on my Birthday. I have to say what a Birthday to remember! The aircraft flew in trim with no issues. My wife and I started on the fourth of July in 2020. She was with me every step of the way and I couldn’t have done it […] Read More

Bernhard Hartmann’s RV-14 | 48361 Beelen, Germany RV-14 #140772

Congrats to Bernhard, who writes: First flight was made at EDAC (Leipzig-Altenburg) . After postponing first flight due to weather condition, finally on morning of May 12th conditions were good. First flight was carried out by Rudolph Hankers, a very experienced test flight pilot. All major functions except of avioncs details were tested and worked […] Read More

Michael H Zimmering’s RV-14 | Emmett, Idaho RV-14 #140350

Congrats to Michael, who writes: I spent the last three months of my project at Bend Builder’s Assist, located on the KBDN airport, with Mike Robertson and his crew of extremely helpful and capable personnel. Aircraft certification occurred in mid March but due to bad weather I had to wait until the next month for […] Read More

Tony Franklin’s RV-7 | Naples, Florida RV-7 #74749

Congrats to Tony, who writes: First flight was great! Flew straight as an arrow and smooth. Looking forward to going through all the test cards. The engine is a Thunderbolt IO390 and prop is Hartzell composite. Very smooth combination.

John Garrett’s RV-8 | UK Bicester Airfield RV-8 #86333

Congrats to John, who writes: I chose to do the first flight myself, and following the application process to the LAA, I was granted permission, so on the 22 April 2023 GSJPC flew for the first time. Throughout the 30 min flight she flew as advertised there were no problems except minor snags such as […] Read More

Rod McGarrie’s RV-8 | Hoschton, Georgia RV-8 #83397

Congrats to Rod, who writes: A 7-year, 10-month build, slow build kit. After waiting a year for a hangar I finally flew with the first flight lasting 17 minutes. Other than the expected high engine CHT’s and a heavy left wing, the flight was noneventful. What a view and great speed! Thank you Vans, VAF, […] Read More

Scott Carmichael’s RV-12 | Prattville, Alabama RV-12 #120648

Congrats to Scott, who writes: First flight was October 30, 2020. Finally finished with a full vinyl wrap March 2023, after 247 hours of flying. Many thanks to Van’s Aircraft for providing a great kit and support. EAA Technical Counselor Dan Horton for advice and assistance. John Young for transition training and experienced copilot during […] Read More

Sindre Barstad’s RV-14A | Norwat RV-14A #140559

Congratulations Sindre! After 4 years and 3 months of building I was happy to do the first flight. No drama to report about – just a lovely feeling:) It’s slow (approx 3200 hours) built with the new Thunderbolt EXP 119 engine with 2xPMAGs, Hartzell 2 blade 74″ propeller, Garmin avionics, VPX for power distribution and […] Read More

Nick and Amber Campbell’s RV-12iS | Ogden, Utah RV-12iS #121485

Congratulation to Nick and Amber on the completion of their RV-12iS! They write: The first flight was amazing! The plane flies perfect – straight & level on the first take off! Building our own plane has been such a wonderful experience and we love our plane! We pulled our first rivet on 7/10/2022 and did […] Read More

Roy Wylie’s RV-10 | Gilbert, South Carolina RV-10 #41855

Congratulations to Roy on his first flight! He writes: As advertised first flight! 5.5 years of building culminated in a great 1 hr flight. It is an amazing feeling! The aircraft is SDS equipped, with GRT Horizon 10.1 instrumentation and Aerosport Interior. Thank you to everyone who helped, but especially to Dennis Ramsey who not […] Read More

Roberto Piovani’s RV-6 | Venice, Italy RV-6 #21397

Congratulations to Robert on the completion of his beautiful RV-6! He writes: I got an RV-6 project from other builder. His name is Alessandro Mainini. Alessandro has already built two RV-6 and he left the 3rd one in his storage for 20 years. I re-start to built this RV-6 project on august 2021 and I work […] Read More

Michael Fleming’s RV-7 | Joseph, Oregon RV-7 #74572

Congratulations to Michael on the completion of his new RV-7! He writes: Six years and four month and N526RM has taken flight. My highly capable friend Barney Locke made the first flight on March 27, 2023. My fun started the next day when I flew 6RM for its second flight…now I’m really smiling.

Michael Andorfer’s RV-7 | Fort Valley, GA RV-7 #73542

Congratulations Michael! He writes: On April 21st, 2009 I attended my first Sun-n-Fun and took my first ever flight in an RV. I returned back to the Van’s tent and ordered a tail kit. Fast forward 12 years and 9 months to Jan 7th, 2022. My project was finally complete and I flew my own […] Read More

Brett Herrick’s RV-6 | Columbus, Indiana RV-12 (original) #120765

Jeff Malcomb graciously agreed to perform the first flight and it went smoothly. The Phase 1 Flight Test and my transition training in it have both been completed. So, the focus has shifted to increasing my proficiency and finding a paint shop to paint it.

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