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Online Resources

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One of the best things about being a member of the Van’s family while building or flying your airplane is the rich set of resources available to you, both for informational purposes and as a way to meet others who share a common interest.

Van’s Aircraft’s online presence consists of:

Note that we don’t publish everything on every channel, but instead post information and content in the places where it best fits. So, follow us on each of the above to get the most complete information from Van’s.

Third-Party Internet Resources

There are a significant number of Internet gathering places, large and small, focused on Van’s RV airplanes. We have pointers to a couple of the larger and better-known resources below. We can’t (and won’t) list every possible Internet site or resource here.

IMPORTANT: Van’s Aircraft does not run, control, endorse or guarantee the information available on the Internet sites listed below. We don’t provide technical support via these sites. While certain Van’s personnel may chime in with their own comments or announcements from time to time, each aircraft and situation is unique and our position is that you should rely on Van’s Tech Support team for specific troubleshooting and questions about your project. You are ultimately responsible for your decisions and actions while building your airplane.

The short version: There’s a lot of great info out there in the community, sprinkled with some not-too-good information. If in doubt about a problem, contact us for support.


The Van’s Air Force Forums

Certainly, the largest single resource where people gather on the Internet to talk about all things RV-related is Doug Reeves’ amazing Van’s Air Force forums and web site. Doug has operated this small business, independent of Vans Aircraft, for many years. Thousands of people are registered on the site, which has a strong following and is constantly active with new information, questions and input from the community. Van’s employees participate in the forum discussions from time to time, and we also occasionally post announcements on the site. Learn a bit more about Doug and Van’s Air Force here.

Also On the Web

Another resource where content is curated from around the Internet and posted is the Van’s Aircraft Builders web site.

Facebook Groups

Probably the next largest Internet presence for Van’s builders and pilots is Facebook. There you will find model-specific groups as well as groups covering RV building and flying as a whole. Here is a partial list of RV-related groups, which again are not controlled or moderated by Van’s Aircraft.


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