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Call for RV Photos for the 2022 Van’s Calendar

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN!! We are collecting customer photo submissions for the 2022 Van’s Calendar. Please send in your best RV images to media@vansaircraft.com. Submission Criteria: Images must be in a high-resolution format so they will print clearly. Please don’t over-process, resize or crop tight – we can handle that, and keeping things flexible […] Read More

Changes to Shipping and Ordering Policies at Van’s

Van’s has made a number of changes to our policies and practices related to the ordering, fulfillment, and shipping of kits, parts and other items sold by Van’s Aircraft.  Fee for Use of Third Party Freight Forwarders International kit shipments for which the customer requests to use their own freight forwarder, rather than one of […] Read More

Changes to Lycoming Engine Order Forms and Configuration Options

Lycoming and Van’s Aircraft have instituted a handful of changes to the ordering configuration options for Lycoming experimental and Thunderbolt engines. These changes are based on historically typical ordering patterns, and are intended to improve efficiency and therefore minimize costs associated with making changes to orders. Orders will not longer be accepted using paper or […] Read More

Van’s Aircraft Plans Reopening of Business to the Public (COVID-19)

On Wednesday, June 30th our company’s policies related to the required use of masks and social distancing at the factory/office will change to remain consistent with changes in the State of Oregon’s COVID-related mandates. This will allow us to permit non-employees in the building without restriction and will remove pandemic-related restrictions and requirements to which […] Read More

Van’s Aircraft Announces Management Changes

AURORA, OREGON – June 18, 2021 – Van’s Aircraft today announced changes to its management and organizational structure designed to enable the company and its employees to advance and meet opportunities created by significant growth in customer demand. Over the past 24 months, orders for Van’s RV aircraft kits have increased nearly 250% as new […] Read More

Van’s Resumes Limited Demo Flights and East Coast Transition Training

Van’s Aircraft is resuming limited scheduling of demonstration flights at its Aurora, Oregon headquarters (KUAO) and at our East Coast representative’s location at New Garden Airport (N57 – Chester County, PA). Please note that we are not currently taking walk-in requests for demo flights – all appointments must be pre-arranged and confirmed and are offered […] Read More

SUN ‘n FUN Show 2021

Some of our staff is at SUN ‘n FUN this week, so please come see us there! As a result, our office phone and email services may be a bit slower than usual this week. If you’re at the show – be sure to stop by our booth in the North East exhibits. Looking for […] Read More

Quick Build Kits: Delivery Times and Primer Remediation Update

We are writing to communicate about delays to the delivery schedule for RV Quick Build kits, which are caused by several combined and unforeseen circumstances. In addition, we wanted to provide another update concerning a recently discovered issue related to primer applied to parts used in some QB assemblies that we received last year, and […] Read More

Van’s Aircraft Performing Review of Quick Build Kits

Updated: March 11, 2020 Van’s Aircraft is investigating the discovery of potential surface corrosion on the interior aluminum surfaces of Quick Build wing and fuselage kits assembled during a specific timeframe. Kits that are in-scope for this review are those that were assembled by our contract company and delivered to Van’s Aircraft between June 2020 […] Read More

Power Outage Closure Information

The Van’s business offices are open as of Monday, February 22nd. We had been closed due to the outcomes of a serious winter ice storm. Power was restored to our factory on Thursday evening. This power outage was the result of a major ice storm that resulted in many downed transmission power lines, feeder lines, […] Read More

Lycoming Engine Price Changes Set to Take Effect November 1st

Lycoming has announced its annual experimental aircraft engine price adjustments, which will take effect on November 1st. That means you have until October 31 to place an order from Van’s at our current prices. The new Van’s selling prices are listed below along with our current prices. We are providing this price change information to […] Read More

Updated: Van’s Approves Use of IO-390 Engines on RV-7 and RV-8 Aircraft

Originally published: May 18, 2020 Updated: August 12, 2020 Since the introduction of the Lycoming IO-390A engine, some of our customers have expressed their desire to install this engine on a RV-7/7A or RV-8/8A airframe.  Van’s Aircraft has recently completed an in-depth review of horsepower limitations for the RV-7/7A and RV-8/8A and is now approving […] Read More

AeroLEDs Products on Sale Through August 10th

AeroLEDs Lighting Products On Sale – Extended Through August 10th! AeroLEDs has discounted all of their products by 10% from July 19-August 1o and as a result, Van’s has reduced the prices of the AeroLEDs products we sell — as well as our RV lighting kits that contain the AeroLEDs products — by 10%. The […] Read More

Van’s Announces Plan to Move to Final-Size Holes on RV-10 Kits

Van’s Aircraft has initiated the process of phasing in the production of final-size, matched-hole RV-10 parts. Until now, all parts for the RV-10 have been produced with slightly undersized holes, which the builder must up-size with a drill and then debur prior to assembly. We will be transitioning the RV-10 kit to final-sized holes, much […] Read More

Van’s Announces New Optional RV-14 Engine Configuration

Note: This announcement covers the RV-14/14A. For information regarding use of the IO-390-EXP119 on the RV-7 and RV-8, please visit this link. Van’s Aircraft has announced a new powerplant option for the RV-14/14A, providing more choices for builders of the airplane in terms of power and weight. In this new configuration, which is based around […] Read More

Van’s Announces Spirit of Aviation Week Specials

In celebration of Spirit of Aviation Week, EAA’s online event, Van’s is excited to announce the following “show” specials: AeroLEDs discount – 10% off all AeroLED products and Van’s kits containing those products (extended through August 10th) Lycoming engine special – free domestic US shipping for all engines ordered through Van’s during the event — plus the availability […] Read More

Van’s US Military/Veteran Discount Program Announced

For complete rules and detailed eligibility information related to the program described in this news release, please see our U.S. Military Discount Program web page. The men and women of the U.S. Military have devoted their lives to giving all in the line of duty. In recognition and appreciation of those who have served and […] Read More

Lycoming Special for Van’s Customers – EAA Spirit of Aviation Week

Lycoming is again offering free shipping to domestic US customers on their engines when ordered by July 31st, 2020 through Van’s. Note that international customers will receive free shipping from Lycoming to Van’s, but will still need to pay the cost to ship from Van’s to the customer location.

Spirit of Aviation Week Forums – July 21st-25th

Join Van’s and others for the EAA Spirit of Aviation Week! While we can’t gather in Oshkosh this year, we can still share The Spirit of Aviation. EAA Spirit of Aviation Week on July 21-25 will celebrate the entire aviation community by showcasing the spectrum of flight in a virtual way. Share your favorite aviation […] Read More

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