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On average, 1.5 RVs are completed and flown for the first time each day. Check out the stories and photos from some of these first flights, and submit your own!

First Flight Reports

Building an RV

We've worked hard to make aircraft homebuilding accessible to anyone by giving you clear and complete plans, matched-hole kits and ready-to-assemble parts that make it easy to get started. All sorts of folks from all walks of life have built RVs -- and you can too! In fact, at any given point in time, hundreds of teenagers around the world are building our airplanes through various educational programs. These programs illustrate the versatility of our kits and broad spectrum of people who enjoy learning to build and fly their own airplanes!

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Fun, Safe Flight!

We are proud of our airplanes, which are fun to fly and open up a broad range of missions and flying options. We're also quite pleased with the safety record of our fleet and the people who fly RV aircraft. Together we work hard to promote a strong culture of both technical and operational safety. The results are real!

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Get Off the Ground With Our Signature Support

When it comes to support, it's hard to beat the Van's experience. Between the terrific community of builders and our in-house team of experienced, knowledgeable support personnel, you can rest assured someone will be there to help you with your technical questions when they come up. At Van's Aircraft, many of us are builders and pilots just like you. We understand what you're trying to accomplish and we speak the language. Via phone or email, our goal is to help you reach your goals. It's what we do.

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