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Yes, It's True. And It's Coming.

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High Wing
Yep. You read it right. It's true. No joke. We're really going there.
Back Country
Like, Don't hold back! Go places. Get dirty. Catch fish. And stuff.
Cool and Awesome
Dude! I mean, seriously. How friggin' cool and awesome is this?
Coming... When?
Patience, my friend. You know we're all about getting it juuust right.


It’s true. The RV-15 will be a high-wing airplane. Back-country mission capable. And (of course) Total Performance.

Nope, we won’t tell you when. Yet. We also won’t tell you anything else about it. Not yet. It’s more fun that way. And besides, the way we work here is that we make changes and adjust until it’s juuuust right. That’s our priority.

All good things come to those who wait. Patience is a virtue. But, you can rest assured that one day/month/year in the future, this spot right here will include an amazing overview of your next airplane kit and just exactly what it is.

Coming first. With the little wheel (it's all relative) mounted on the back. All the cool people fly this one. Just ask 'em, they'll tell ya!
Trike backcountry? Sure, at some point. Of course, no one who flies the other model understands exactly why anyone would want this, but it turns out some people do.


It burns fuel and has a wing on top, looks amazing and has lots of awesome features …

What we’ve shared publicly thus far:

  • High-wing
  • Backcountry capable
  • All-metal
  • Control stick
  • Tailwheel undercarriage planned first, tricycle to follow


Once (beginning about six years ago or so) there was this idea. And eventually, that idea became an airplane design. It may have looked like something very strange and different at some points in that process, but no worries — it’ll be awesome when it’s done.

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