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RV Aircraft Kit Order Forms

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Ordering an RV Kit

NOTE: Van’s is required to collect sales tax for orders destined to buyers in certain states. The list of states where we must collect sales tax is maintained at this link.

Van’s Aircraft kit order forms for each RV model, as well as propeller and engine options, are available from this page. The forms are in PDF format and are electronically fill-able. To complete the form on your computer, please fill out the fields then save the file to your computer and attach the PDF file to an email, which you can then send to kits@vansaircraft.com. You may also print the PDF file and fill it out by hand if you prefer. In that case, you’ll need to scan the completed paper copy and email as described above, FAX it to us, or put a stamp on it and drop it in the mail.

After you submit your form it will be received by a member of our Kit Order Department, who will contact you to discuss and arrange your order details and to complete deposit/payment.

We also sell a variety of individual parts, hardware, accessories and other non-kit items, which you’ll find over in our online store.