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RV Kit, Engine, and Propeller Order Forms

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Ordering an RV Kit

NOTE: Van’s is required to collect sales tax for orders destined to buyers in many U.S. states. The list of states where we must collect sales tax is maintained at this link.

Order forms for each Van’s RV kit model, as well as propellers and engines we sell, can be found on this page. Due to small order volumes and extended lead times, we no longer offer online ordering for RV-3, RV-4, RV-6 and Legacy RV-12 kits. We are still producing kits on a limited basis, and you may call our kits team to place an order. In addition, replacement parts for those kits remain available through our web store.

Please be sure to review our Kit Ordering and Shipping Policies before you place an order.

When you submit your order it will be received by our Kit Order Department. A member of that team will contact you to discuss and arrange your order details and, if necessary, to complete the deposit/payment. You can make your deposit or other balance payments via wire transfer, ACH, check, or by using our Secure Payment Form. Note that payments for some of our kits and items, such as RV-12 avionics and powerplant kits and all engine purchases, may not be made by credit card (other than the initial 35% deposit, which can be made on a card). In those cases, you will need to make the balance payment(s) via check or electronic bank transfer. Contact our kits team for bank wire/ACH instructions.

We also sell a variety of individual parts, hardware, accessories, and other non-kit items, which you’ll find in our online store.

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