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Kit Prices and Lead Times

Below you will find the current prices and the estimated availability lead times of our aircraft kits as well as other items with longer lead times such as engines and propellers.

Important: The estimated lead times displayed below are our best projection at any point in time as to how long from the time of order before a kit will be ready to a) crate at Van’s and then b) ship to the customer. Variables in the supply chain, manufacturing, shipping, and order volume logistics can – and in the current environment often do – cause delivery timetables to shift, sometimes significantly. We do our best to estimate timeframes and keep you up to date, but please understand that the numbers below are estimates and are subject to change at any time.

When you order a kit(s) from us, you’re creating an order which will be produced and delivered to you as soon as we are able. You must take delivery of the order as soon as it is ready, and any customer-initiated delays in delivery will result in the kit price being adjusted to the price effective on the date of the change. 

The “kit total” prices listed below include the empennage, wing, fuselage, and finishing kits. For the RV-12iS model only, the “kit total” price listed also includes powerplant and avionics kits. The QuickBuild price includes the empennage kit, QB wing kit, QB fuselage kit, and the finishing kit.  The prices below do not include shipping charges. Please visit the Order a Kit page to access our kit order forms.

We work hard to make things predictable and maintain prices as low as we can for you, but prices and lead times are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Builders of RV-3, RV-4 and RV-6 kits should read the Van’s Aircraft letter published in December 2017 regarding production timing, lead times, and prices for those kits.

RV Kit Prices

We maintain the current kit prices below for your reference. Prices charged are those in effect at the time we receive your deposit and will be reflected on your invoice. Customer-initiated delays will result in price adjustments if kit prices have changed since the initial order was received. In addition, if we experience significant third-party cost increases between the time an order is received and the time it is to be shipped, we may have to revise the price for a kit accordingly.

Note that for kits ordered starting March 6, 2023, Van’s no longer charges a separate crating fee. All crating and handling costs are now included in the kit price regardless of method of delivery. Shipping/freight remains an additional charge, and is determined at the time the kit ships.

Kit prices effective: March 6, 2023, 3:00 pm, Pacific Time
RV-3 RV-4 RV-6 RV-6A
Preview Plans ~ $45 < $50 < $55 < $55 <
Empennage/Tail $2,450 $2,950 NLA NLA
Wing $9,690 $10,140 NLA NLA
Fuselage $7,500 $10,100 $9,100 $9,200
Finishing $8,675 $9,175 $9,775 $10,175
Standard Kits – Total $28,315 $32,365
QuickBuild Kits – Total NA NA NLA NLA
RV-7 RV-7A RV-8 RV-8A
Preview Plans ~ $55 < $55 < $55 < $55 <
Empennage/Tail $2,800 $2,800 $2,800 $2,800
Wing $9,890 # $9,890 # $10,590 # $10,590 #
Fuselage $10,150 ! $11,200 ! $11,800 ! $10,900 !
Finishing $10,775 $12,775 $9,475 $10,675
Standard Kits – Total $33,615 $36,665 $34,665 $34,965
QuickBuild Kits – Total $51,375 $54,425 $52,375 $52,675
RV-9 RV-9A RV-12 RV-12iS
Preview Plans ~ $55 < $55 < NA NA
Fastener NA $625 <
Empennage/Tail $2,800 $2,800 NA $4,050
Wing $10,090 # $10,090 # NA $9,085
Fuselage $10,300 ! $11,300 ! NA $9,315
Finishing $10,475 $12,775 $14,850 $14,250
Avionics $15,995
(varies on selection)
$20,465 – $29,355 (varies on selection)
Powerplant $38,350 $42,350 – $44,850
Standard Kits – Total $33,665 $36,965 NA ~ $100,140 $- $111,530 typical
QuickBuild Kits – Total $51,425 $54,725 NA NA
RV-10 RV-14 RV-14A
Empennage/Tail $5,750 $6,100 $6,100
Wing $12,760 # $10,590 # $10,590 #
Fuselage $22,835 ! $13,000 ! $13,100 !
Finishing $23,150 $15,850 – $16,050 * $16,850 – $17,200 *
Standard Kits – Total $64,495 $45,540- $45,740 $46,640 – $46,990
QuickBuild Kits – Total $83,900 $64,850- $65,050 * $65,950 – $66,300 *
< Amount not included in kit price total
~ Preview Plans (required purchase before beginning construction)
# QuickBuild wing kit is available
! QuickBuild fuselage kit is available
* Price difference is between IO360/390A vs. IO390-EXP119 kit
NA Not Available
NLA No Longer Available as a Kit. Parts are available.
NYA Not Yet Available as a kit.
Does not apply

RV Kit Lead Times

Important: We have refactored our manufacturing and procurement operations to better meet the higher demand we’ve recently experienced. Lead times on all kits are estimates only. When ordering a kit, you need to be aware that:

  1. It is possible that your kit(s) will not be delivered by the estimated lead time. We do everything we can to meet published lead times, but in the event circumstances result in delays please understand we cannot always control the availability of materials and parts.
  2. There are times when the kit(s) you order could be available and delivered sooner than the published lead time. In that case, you will have to take possession as soon as it is ready to deliver because we cannot store completed kits once they are ready to ship. Customer-initiated delays to the acceptance of ready-to-deliver kit(s) may result in the order’s original price being updated to the current price as of the new delivery date, and may also require us to deliver your kit to another customer and reassign your order to a future production batch.
  3. We are now manufacturing each kit in significantly larger batches, and we deliver individual kits as soon as they are produced and ready to ship. We are not able to hold completed kits to combine with another kit(s) for shipping because of the lack of storage room in our warehouse. Please be prepared and understand that each sub-kit will need to ship separately. If our team is able to ship multiple kits together due to a “happy” schedule alignment we will do so, of course, but we cannot entertain requests for domestic kit customers to hold and combine kits in a single shipment.

Quick Build Fuselage and Wing customers may experience extended lead times due to delays in overseas shipping of parts to and from our QB assembly facilities in the Philippines and Brazil. Lead times may also vary depending on our current factory stock and/or stock of available parts at the assembly facilities. Since containers are shipped to the quick-build facilities approximately every 2-3 months, it is possible that QuickBuild kit orders placed only days apart could have significantly different lead/completion times.

The timeframe estimates shown below are our best prediction of how long – if you place an order today – it will take to release your order from our factory to our crating team to be prepared for shipping. These estimated time frames do not include the time it takes for a kit to travel from the Van’s Aircraft factory to your location.

When you place a kit order, you agree and understand that you will need to pay your final balance due before we can crate your order, and that you will receive the order as soon as we have produced it and advised you it is ready to ship/pick up. Customer-initiated delays will result in the price of your order being modified to the price that is in effect at the time the order actually ships from Van’s to the customer.

IMPORTANT: The lead times displayed below are updated regularly to reflect available kit allocations, so orders received since the last update are not accounted for in this list until the next update. Therefore, there is always a chance the kits available in a production batch have already been allocated on any given day, in which case new kit orders are assigned to the next production batch. Your order’s estimated lead time will be confirmed upon receipt of both your order and the 25% kit deposit, and recorded when we enter your order into our system.

In the below table, we indicate either an estimated lead time (example: 12 months est.) or a specific estimated kit-ready window (example: February – March 2023) within which we anticipate we will be able to pack your kit. These dates are subject to change.

Estimated lead times effective: September 15, 2023
RV-3 RV-4 RV-6/6A RV-7/7A RV-8/8A
Empennage/Tail 18 months est 18 months est NLA October May – June 2024
Wing 18 months est. 18 months est. NLA October – November October – November
Fuselage 18 months est. 18 months est. 18 months est. January – February 2024 October – November
Finishing 18 months est. 18 months est. 18 months est. RV-7: February- March 2024
RV-7A: December- January 2024
January – February 2025
QuickBuild NLA NA NLA QB Wing: 18+ Months est.
QB Fuse: 18 + Months est.
QB Wing: 18 +Months est.
QB Fuse: 18+ Months est.
RV-9/9A RV-10 RV-12 RV-14/14A
Empennage/Tail October October – November November – December May – June 2024
Wing June – July 2024 October – November February – March 2024 May – June 2024
Fuselage December – January 2024 May – June 2024 February – March 2024 May – June 2024
Finishing December – January 2024 November – December January – March 2024 RV-14: January – February 2024
RV-14A: May – July 2024
Avionics Dynon: 3-4  months est. ##
Garmin: 3-4  months est. ##
Powerplant 9 months est.
QuickBuild QB Wing: 18+ Months est.
QB Fuse: 18+ Months est.
QB Wing: 18+ Months est.
QB Fuse: 18+ Months est.
NA QB Wing: 18+ Months est.
QB Fuse: 18+ Months est.
* Estimate Only – RV-3/4/6 kits and replacement parts are produced on a limited run schedule and lead times can be extensive
** Quick-Build lead times: Due to the lack of predictability in international shipping schedules, delivery timelines are estimated and will change based on actual shipping performance.
## Avionics kit lead times are variable and substantially based on avionics manufacturer and avionics shop lead times.
NA Not Available
NLA No Longer Available as a Kit; Parts are available.
NYA Not Yet Available as a kit
Does not apply

Other Items – Lead Times:

Lead times for all engines and propellers are estimated. These products are made-to-order. Actual times are determined by the manufacturer.

MT Propellers:  9 months
Hartzell Propellers:  4 months
Sensenich Propellers:  2-3 months (composite) / 1-2  months (metal)
4-Cylinder Experimental Lycoming Engines:  6 – 10 months (depending on model and options chosen)
6-Cylinder Experimental Lycoming Engines:  6 – 10 months (depending on model and options chosen)
All Lycoming Thunderbolt Experimental Engines:  30 – 36 months (depending on model and options chosen)

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