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Service Information and Revisions

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Choose the RV model for which you wish to access service and safety documentation above.

Service information and documentation is provided for each of the aircraft kits we produce in the following categories:


For all ELSA or SLSA aircraft, these documents represent critical safety of flight notifications that require immediate action before further flight. Safety Directives and Safety Alerts are mandatory and may be enforced by the FAA. Note that for EAB aircraft, similar-level published information may be included under the ‘Service Bulletins’ category of documents.

Service Bulletins

Service Bulletins typically do not mandate immediate action from a regulatory perspective but do strongly recommend future action. Timeframes and methods to comply may vary and are described in each document. These are items that represent an important or critical need and should be reviewed and complied with per the contents of each document in the specified timeframe. Van’s Aircraft strongly encourages all owners and operators to comply with the information in these documents.

Notifications and Letters

Notifications/Letters do not necessarily recommend future action but are primarily for the promulgation of continued airworthiness information. These documents explain or notify owners of service- or configuration-related information pertaining to their aircraft. It is important to review these notifications and letters when they are published.

Revisions and Changes

This section includes revisions to Van’s Aircraft documentation, such as Builder Plans/Kit Assembly Instructions and other aircraft documents, and includes explanations of what’s changed in each revision where appropriate. Note that we do not typically post documentation updates that consist of minor changes such as spelling and minor error corrections, etc. Rather, updates are published here when material changes occur.

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