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Van’s Air Force Online Forums

The online community has made RV building even more approachable and possible for many people. over the past several years. Van’s Air Force is an independent online community where people collaborate and share RV-building information, expertise and ideas.

Doug Reeves built an RV-6 after getting an RV ride from a guy he met at an airport fuel pump many years ago. He “caught the bug” big-time, and it changed his life. Eventually, he left this IT job to run the Van’s Air Force web forums full-time as his own business, and the community participation and spirit that has formed there over the years is simply incredible.

You can read ideas, ask other builders questions, share your thoughts, and more on the forums. We encourage you to create an account on the forums and help support that community.

You can hear Doug’s story — in his own words — here:

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