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FIrst FLights

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Lee Kitson’s RV-8 | Harleysville, Pennsylvania RV-8 #83430

Congratulations to Lee, he writes: My RV-8 took to the skies for the first time on Dec 4th with Nigel Speedy at the controls. It was a perfect day for a test flight with clear skies and low winds. Nigel reported that it flew great and there were only a few minor squawks. The airplane […] Read More

Joe Webb’s RV-6 | Windsor Downs, NSW Australia RV-6 #24871

Congratulations to Joe on the recent flight of his beautiful RV-6! He writes: Long awaited First Flight and First Landing successfully flown by Glen Brigland Australia followed by two more flights totalling 1.8 hrs on 21st December 2021. Issues encountered:  Intermittent fuel senders Intermittent pilot microphone Low CHT’s (for a new engine) Other than that […] Read More

Keith Weale’s RV-12 | Auckland, New Zealand RV-12 #120944

Congratulations to Keith on the first flight of his RV-12! Thanks to all at Van’s Aircraft for making me feel throughout my six year build that I was your only customer. Thank you to all my mates in New Zealand who supported me in this project, and especially to David Campbell-Morrison for contemporary RV-12 build […] Read More

Jon Owen’s RV-14A | Valley City, North Dakota RV-14A #140738

Congratulations to Jon! He writes: QuickBuild wings and fuselage along with a very nice custom panel from Aerotronics allowed me to complete my RV-14A in about 19 months, working mostly in my garage. The kit and instructions were excellent! First flight was smooth, wonderful performance and handling!

Reilly Keen’s RV-12 | Johannesburg, South Africa RV-12 #120152

Congratulations to Reilly, who recently wrote in to tell us about the first flight of his new RV: My RV-12 was built over a 12 year period. During this time I moved to a different house 4 times. Powered by an Aeromomentum AM15 engine. I have learned an unbelievable amount during this build and it has been a […] Read More

Isaac J. Schantz’s RV-10 | Salt Lake City, Utah RV-10 #41847

Isaac wrote in to let us know about the first flight of his RV-10: With my wife, daughter, son-in-law and two grandkids watching, this wasn’t the time to get jittery. In fact, I was concentrating so much on the flight that I didn’t have time to get the jitters. Engine power was right where it […] Read More

Larry Hawkins’ RV-3 | Farmington, New Mexico RV-3 #11456

Congratulations to Larry on the completion and first flight of his RV-3: Larry never really intended to finish his second RV kit, an early RV-3. He just enjoyed building. After some years and few hiatuses, he inevitably ran out of excuses to fly it. On August 12th, she was pointed skyward. She’s just recently completed […] Read More

Juliette Cosh’s RV-14A | Athens, Tennessee RV-14A #140726

Congratulations to Juliette on the first flight of her RV-14A: After transition training with Zack, the first flight was seamless. Other than having to pull the throttle back a little to keep the engine from over-speeding on take-off (prop adjustment to follow), N8181J flew perfectly. What a terrific flying plane… I couldn’t be happier! Juliette

Todd Protacio’s RV-14 | Chicago, Illinois RV-14 #140547

Congratulations Todd! He writes: I decided to build rather than buy a flying plane for the hobby, but it quickly turned into an obsession that I spent every free moment on. I built the first half of the project mostly solo, it wan’t until finishing the fuselage that I found a building partner. The empennage […] Read More

Eric Risdon’s RV-8 | Neuville, CNV9, Quebec, Canada RV-8 #83274

Eric writes to tell us about the first flight of his RV-8! Building the RV-8 is quite an adventure but only the beginning. It flies like an arrow, straight and fast, very easy to handle as everybody reports. The RV grin is true 😀 The adventure continues !!!

John A. Heit’s RV-14A | Helena, Montana RV-14A #140484

Congratulations to John on his first flight! He writes: Flies like a rocket! Very responsive with no bad habits; great visibility. Thanks to my wife (Laura) and son (Kevin {A&P}), Ron Rasmuson (A&P/IA, RV-6A builder), Al Hathy (A&P/IA, Globe Swift restorer), Marlin Sander (RV-7A builder), Lance Seaman (RV-8A builder), Woody Hopler (F15 and RV-7 driver) […] Read More

Adam Wachtel’s RV-7 | Thornhill, Ontario Canada RV-7 #70770

Congratulations to Adam on the first flight of his beautiful RV-7! He writes: While building I would look at this first flight page and wonder how anyone could wait an extra minute to post their first flight. Here I am one year later and only posting mine now. A testament to how much fun it […] Read More

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