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FIrst FLights

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Steve Weinstock’s RV-10 | Schaumburg, Illinois RV-10 #40230

Congratulations to Steve on the first flight of his RV-10! He writes: First flight occurred on August 21, 2020 in the early afternoon, on a sunny, beautiful day. It went well, with only a few settings on the EFIS needing adjustment and a slightly heavy right wing. After the 40-hour flyoff, it was painted, and […] Read More

Greg Ramola’s RV-7 | Orlando, Florida RV-7 #74111

Greg wrote in to let us know about the first flight of his new RV-7: This has been the most rewarding experience of my life. What a fantastic flying airplane. This RV-7 is my first build, and won’t be my last. It’s powered by a Barrett Precision Engine built IO-390-X running dual electronic ignition and […] Read More

Brian Weselmann’s RV-10 | Edgewater, Florida RV-10 #41332

Congratulations to Brian on his new RV-10! He writes: Aircraft flew as advertised. Really happy with the performance, typical RV grin!! Powered by IO-540-C4B5 with Bendix fuel injection and mags. Dual Dynon HDX panel with Avidyne IFD 540 GPS from Advanced. Painted aircraft during Covid downtime. Phase 1 flew off. My second RV. First flew […] Read More

Skip Popiak’s RV-10 | Thompson, Connecticut RV-10 #40819

Congratulations to Skip on his new RV-10! He writes: After taking a 7 year building hiatus (to put 3 children through college) my RV-10, kit 40819 N384WP, took to the air. The build was a most enjoyable and rewarding experience due to the excellent design and support of everyone at Van’s, Thanks. Can’t wait to […] Read More

Craig Pearce’s RV-7 | South Africa RV-7 #73903

Congratulations to Craig on the completion of his RV-7! He writes: After receiving the empennage kit for my RV-7 three years ago, ZU-JLC flew for the first time on the 14th of February 2021. The call sign is inspired by my 3 children, Jason, Leah, and Cheyenne. My son and I built most of the […] Read More

Romuald Leconte’s RV-7A | Paris, France RV-7A #73600

Romuald wrote in to let us know about the recent completion of his RV-7A: After 11 years of construction, I can now call it an airplane! Despite the coldness of the day, it was a great moment of pleasure. It flies well, it flies fast. Time to put the rivet gun away and enjoy it […] Read More

Robert Lussow’s RV-10 | Sunman, Indiana RV-10 #41320

Congratulations to Robert on the new RV-10! He writes: My RV-10 journey began on September 15, 2011…Nine years, two months, seventeen days and 3000+ hours of labor, N464RL was born! On hand for the first flight were three generations of Aviators. My Dad and I flew the maiden flight together with my son taking care […] Read More

Alex Mir’s RV-8 | Posadas, Misiones, Argentina RV-8 #83546

Congratulations to Alex on the first flight of his RV-8! He writes in to tell us: After 5 years of detailed construction, I was stunned to find myself flying such a perfect machine! Everything worked absolutely perfect, very responsive controls and very stable flight. I want to thank Victor Mejalenko for helping me on the construction and […] Read More

Luis Luciani’s RV-14A | Houston, Texas RV-14A #140645

Luis writes in to tall us about the first flight of this RV-14A! My new RV14A is a pure joy to fly. It tracks true and zero issues came up during the first flight. I would love to take credit but it has to be due to the incredible precision of the kit. The picture of […] Read More

Mark Ciaglia’s RV-10 | The Woodlands, Texas RV-10 #41717

Congratulations to Mark, who writes to tell us about the first flight of his RV-10: It began as a dream. I took the demo flight at AirVenture 2016 with my wife. She had to approve before we committed to this project. I actually sat in the back so Mike our amazing demo pilot could dazzle […] Read More

Mark Easton’s RV-10 | Portland, Oregon RV-10 #41683

Congrats to Mark on the first flight of his RV-10! He writes: After exactly five years and one day N25CM took flight from Stark’s Twin Oaks Airpark outside of Portland, OR. My dream to build an RV began back in the late 70’s when, as a child, I saw kit plans being advertised in Popular […] Read More

Enrico Musto’s RV-8 | Trento, Italy RV-8 #82813

Congratulations to Enrico on his new RV-8! He writes: This morning, after 50 months of building time, shortly after my 50th birthday and a pandemic rolling over the whole wide world, my RV-8 became an airplane! A huge big thanks to the experienced RV-8 pilot Luca Perazzolli, my mentor and master, who kept me motived […] Read More

David Porter’s RV-4 | Martinsburg, West Virginia RV-4 #2120

Congratulations to David, who writes to tell us about the first flight of his RV-4: My RV-4 received its airworthiness certificate on January 29, 2021, and flew for the first time the next day. The serial number is 2120, and it began life when the empennage kit was delivered to a customer in Virginia in […] Read More

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