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Alan Wieder’s RV-9A | Creswell, Oregon RV-9A #91173

Congratulations Alan!

I acquired this “90% complete – 90% to go” project in Sept 2020. The first builder passed away before completion and the second builder had health issues which prevented him from making any progress for about seven years. Changes in my work schedule (COVID) provided me the opportunity to take this on, including rebuilding the wings & tail, panel and all fiberglass work.

Over 1,200 hours later it took to the skies for the first time and handles just like my first RV-9A. Panel is full IFR Garmin with room for a second G3X or a tablet.

Even a repeat RV builder needs help and I’m thankful for rivet and fiberglass partners: my wife, Wendy, Wally Anderson, Gary Ludeke, and Ben Spurlock of Cascade Aircrafters in Eugene. The grins just keep coming….

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