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Thomas Murray’s RV-14A | Oswego, New York RV-14A #140698

Congratulations Thomas! He writes:

Most people say this is a show plane. The color is custom, a mix of glass flake sapphire of the crystal alliance series, a one of a king paint job. The color changes from black to blue and a few different colors in between. Full IFR panel, two Garmin G3X touch, Nav. 375, and G5 back up. Both myself and my wife Diane were the primary builders. The picture shows myself on the left and Jim Martin on the right. Jim is a test pilot and has more than 15,000 hours, 250 hours in RV’s. He flew with me on the first flight for safety reasons as a QP. I have built two other planes and can say the precision of all the parts of the RV-14A are mind blowing. Every hole lined up perfectly. And yes I did have the RV grin after touch down.

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