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Jorgen (Ivan) Kristensen’s RV-14A | Guelph Ontario Canada RV-14A #140750

Nice work Ivan! He writes:

22 months from first rivet to first flight. It has been an amazing experience once again, this is the second RV build, the first one was an RV-10 which was completed in 2010. The RV-14A was a SB fuselage and a QB wing.

The first flight was 2.1 hours and went off without any problems save for a couple of minor cockpit indications. The SDS Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and Electronic Ignition (EI) worked flawlessly as did the Advanced Flight System (AFS) avionics suite. The “plug ‘n play” avionics panel from AFS was an excellent choice for me, it was relatively easy to install and cut weeks from the build time.

Thank you Van’s Aircraft for a superb kit. Now let the fun begin…

Ivan Kristensen

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