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FIrst FLights

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Jeff Justis’ RV-10 | Oxford, Mississippi RV-10 #42029

Jeff recently completed his second RV. What an accomplishment! Jeff writes: My first Van’s kit was an RV-6 that took me 23 years to complete in 2010. Not having 23 more years I decided to go with a quick build RV-10, and with my son Jeff’s help, N3360V first flew uneventfully in Oct, 2022 with […] Read More

Denny Presley’s RV-8A | Tracy, California RV-8A #81311

Congratulations to Denny on the first flight of his RV-8A! He writes: After 9 months of delays getting my FAA registration documents sorted out, it was appropriate to use Veterans day as the first flight. The tail number, N399HP is my daughters Birth Month, Year and her initials. She now serves in the US Military. She […] Read More

Mike Dash’s RV-14 | Fowlmere, Cambridge UK RV-14 #140275

Congratulations to Mike on his new RV-14! He writes: Great First Flight. Many new skills learnt. Avionics and paint were the most daunting! G-RVDD flew straight and true on its first flight. Testing now complete and await the issue of my U.K. Permit to Fly Nov 22. 

Joop Sint Jago’s RV-7 | The Netherlands RV-7 #74612

A big congratulations to Joop Sint Jago on the completion and first flight of this new RV-7 in The Netherlands! Five years and a bit after my son and I started the tail-kit class at Synergy (Eugene), PH-YAR took the skies for the first time. And there was no sign that this was her first […] Read More

Marlon Young’s RV-4 | Santa Rosa, CA (KSTS) RV-4 #1565

Congratulations to Marlon Young on the first flight of his newly-completed RV-4! Marlon writes: Just after 3:01 on Veterans Day, November 11, 2022, Redtail N301FS took to the air for a one-hour flight. Kit 1565 was purchased and started about 30 years ago but got stalled and sat in a garage for almost 15 years […] Read More

Scott Stewart’s RV-12iS | Hubbard, OR RV-12iS #121287

Scott Stweart gets a big “congrats” on the completion and first flight of his new RV-12iS! He writes: What an incredible journey! Wicked, crazy fun every step of the way, from placing the Empennage kit order through the first flight. Great support by family, friends, the aviation community and many at Van’s. AWC in hand […] Read More

Glen Fuller’s RV-9A | Perth, Western Australia RV-9A #91619

A big congrats to Glen Fuller in Australia on the completion of his RV-9A! He writes: After a very long build Scarlet, our RV-9A, took to the skies from Jandakot airport, Perth Western Australia. She flies extremely well and to all the Van’s specs. She’s fitted with a Garmin G3X EFIS, autopilot and houses a […] Read More

Dave Hock’s RV-7 | Littleton, CO RV-7 #74261

Congratulations to Dave Hock on the first flight of his new RV-7! He writes: After 2,900 hours of building interrupted a couple of times with life events RV-7 N732DH took to the skies on November 1st, 2022! I have to say it was one of the biggest events in my life after marriage and the […] Read More

Andrew Kilroy’s RV-14A | Alameda, CA RV-14A #140394

Congrats to Andrew Kilroy on the first flight of his new RV-14A! He wrote to let us know: The first flight was eventful! Took off in chilly, calm conditions and noticed that my airspeed went dead five seconds after take off. I did a simple pattern and landed (without airspeed). In just the first 4 […] Read More

Richard Drown’s RV-14A | Chandler, AZ RV-14A #140286

Congrats to Richard on completion and first flight of his RV-14A! He writes: I started building my RV-14A in 2016 and my first flight was on 10-21-2022. The building process was a labor of love. There was sweat. I live in Arizona and my hangar is not air conditioned. There was occasional blood. Metal is […] Read More

Greg Long’s New RV-12 | KIKV - Johnston, Iowa RV-12 #120719

Congratulations to Greg Long, who writes to tell us all about the build and first flight of his RV-12, and includes a video as well! Building my own plane has been a dream for most of my life. Since 1986 when I completed my private pilot license, I flew various club planes including Cessna and […] Read More

Joe “Zack” Czachorowski’s RV-10 | Wilmington, DE RV-10 #41729

Congrats to Zack – our East Coast Rep and transition trainer extraordinaire, on the completion of this new RV-10! Zack writes: I recently completed my 3rd RV, another RV-10. These RV aircraft never cease to amaze, especially the RV-10. The slow stall speed, the fast cruise speed, the large useful load, and its great sexy […] Read More

Krea Ellis’ RV-10 | Locust Grove, GA RV-10 #41694

Congrats to Krea Ellis, who writes in to share the first flight he and his son made in this new RV-10! After 4000+ hours of build time, N10KE took to the air at Newnan-Coweta County Airport (KCCO) on Tuesday, May 3, 2022. My son Keith was PIC and I accompanied him as a Qualified Pilot […] Read More

Matt Van Eck’s RV-10 | Howell, Michigan RV-10 #41815

Matt Van Eck wrote in to tell us about the first flight of his new RV-10! The idea of building an airplane has always been a dream since I was a young kid. I began the Standard Built project in November of 2019 and spent 2 years and 8 months riveting, wiring, and painting. (Something […] Read More

Christopher LoPresti’s RV-14A | Farmingdale, New Jersey RV-14A #140635

Christopher LoPresti writes in to share the first flight of his new RV-14A! After three years of building, almost to the date, the aircraft was ready to take flight. Present in the aircraft during the first flight was pilot Frank Dobroswki, a veteran RV builder, and Christopher LoPresti, the co-pilot and builder of this aircraft. […] Read More

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