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FIrst FLights

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Nick and Amber Campbell’s RV-12iS | Ogden, Utah RV-12iS #121485

Congratulation to Nick and Amber on the completion of their RV-12iS! They write: The first flight was amazing! The plane flies perfect – straight & level on the first take off! Building our own plane has been such a wonderful experience and we love our plane! We pulled our first rivet on 7/10/2022 and did […] Read More

Roy Wylie’s RV-10 | Gilbert, South Carolina RV-10 #41855

Congratulations to Roy on his first flight! He writes: As advertised first flight! 5.5 years of building culminated in a great 1 hr flight. It is an amazing feeling! The aircraft is SDS equipped, with GRT Horizon 10.1 instrumentation and Aerosport Interior. Thank you to everyone who helped, but especially to Dennis Ramsey who not […] Read More

Roberto Piovani’s RV-6 | Venice, Italy RV-6 #21397

Congratulations to Robert on the completion of his beautiful RV-6! He writes: I got an RV-6 project from other builder. His name is Alessandro Mainini. Alessandro has already built two RV-6 and he left the 3rd one in his storage for 20 years. I re-start to built this RV-6 project on august 2021 and I work […] Read More

Michael Fleming’s RV-7 | Joseph, Oregon RV-7 #74572

Congratulations to Michael on the completion of his new RV-7! He writes: Six years and four month and N526RM has taken flight. My highly capable friend Barney Locke made the first flight on March 27, 2023. My fun started the next day when I flew 6RM for its second flight…now I’m really smiling.

Michael Andorfer’s RV-7 | Fort Valley, GA RV-7 #73542

Congratulations Michael! He writes: On April 21st, 2009 I attended my first Sun-n-Fun and took my first ever flight in an RV. I returned back to the Van’s tent and ordered a tail kit. Fast forward 12 years and 9 months to Jan 7th, 2022. My project was finally complete and I flew my own […] Read More

Brett Herrick’s RV-6 | Columbus, Indiana RV-12 (original) #120765

Jeff Malcomb graciously agreed to perform the first flight and it went smoothly. The Phase 1 Flight Test and my transition training in it have both been completed. So, the focus has shifted to increasing my proficiency and finding a paint shop to paint it.

Rick Gracely’s RV-6 | Durham, NC RV-6 #20494

Congratulations to Rick on his new RV-6! He writes: Well, it took a little bit longer than I thought… Sitting at the end of a runway, about to launch into the air in something you made yourself. The plan was to exit the pattern straight ahead, climb to 3000 AGL, determine indicated landing speed and […] Read More

Chantereau’s RV-8 | France RV-8 #83129

Chantereau recently completed his RV-8! He writes: The first flight of my second RV-8 was delightful, as no issue occurred. I love to fly this beautiful and nimble plane. Thanks to Van’s Aircraft team.

Morgan Beving’s RV-7 | Aberdeen, SD RV-7 #70439

Morgan wrote in to let us know about the first flight of his RV-7! He wrote: My first flight was very exciting, but overall it went very well. I had done a fast taxi and was happy with the control I had so on my next pass I give it more power I was flying. I […] Read More

Michael Hunter’s RV-8 | Oswestry, Shropshire, UK RV-8 #83577

Congratulations to Michael on his new RV-8! He writes: Fist flight was conducted by inspector Nigel Jones. I was helped by RV-8 builder Paul Winters and inspired to build by Andy Hill. The further flight tests will be done by RV8 Team Raven pilot Mark Southern. It was a big day for me, overwhelming at […] Read More

Ernest Brock’s RV-14 | Fair Oaks, California RV-14 #140097

Congratulations to Ernest on his new RV-14! He writes: I ordered my tail kit at Oshkosh in 2013 and started building the following October. After many years of enjoyable building with a couple down years interspersed, the first flight was last May. I have now flown 75 hours and just recently got it painted. I […] Read More

Mark Lee’s RV-8 | Kent, Washington RV-8 #83147

Congratulations Mark! This was a full build kit, so it went a little slow. We have a 180 hp IO-360 with Dynon Avionics. Empty weight 1100#. Flawless first flight and hands off straight and level. So happy with the support and help through the years. What a great feeling!

Giulio Givo Volpe’s RV-7 | Padova, Italy RV-7 #74778

Congratulations to Giulio on his new RV-7! He writes: I have been flying for 5 years with my previous RV-7 with which I did about 500 hours. Mainly long distance flights throughout Europe often with my partner Anna, who is also a Pilot. I love the RV-7 because it’s a fast and fun plane and […] Read More

Jada Flyers’ RV-10 | Lancaster, Pennsylvania RV-10 #42169

Congratulations to Jada Flyers on their new RV-10! They write: Jada Flyers is pleased to present N520KB! Although a group effort, we are especially thankful to the main builder, Dan Geib! This was the third Van’s Aircraft he completed but the first he built from start to finish. Definitely a dream of a lifetime! We are […] Read More

Norris Brown’s RV-10 | Spokane, WA RV-10 #41818

Congratulations to Norris on his new RV-10! Following retirement I built an RV-14A. My wife flew with me but wanted something easier for her to get in and out of. After she had a ride in an RV-10 the deal was sealed. First flight of N10NP was in June 2022 and the first long cross […] Read More

Wayne Roberts’ RV-4 | Ancaster, Ontario RV-4 #486

Congratulations to Wayne on his newly-flying and beautiful RV-4! He writes: Successful flight test of my RV-4 took place on March 17, 2022, Cayuga Ontario with test pilot Mike Skoczen at controls. Mike has built an RV-3 and Harmon Rocket besides numerous other home builds. As owner builder of my RV-4, I was able to […] Read More

Gordon Griffin’s RV-7A | Sydney, Australia RV-7A #73219

Congratulations to Gordon in Australian on his new RV-7A! The first flight was at Shellharbour Airport with Glenn Bridgland at the controls. The aircraft performed very well but the left wing is heavy and particularly noticeable at higher airspeeds. We are doing our research and checking configurations on the aeroplane to understand why it is […] Read More

Ryan and Michael White’s RV-9A | Polk City, Iowa RV-9A #90388

Congratulations to Ryan and Michael on completing and flying their RV-9A! In February of 2020, Ryan and Michael White, father and son, started building a Vans RV-9A and, nearly 3 years later, took their first flight on December 18, 2022. During the Winter of 2019, Michael brought up to Ryan that he was interested in […] Read More

Jeffery McBirnie’s RV-7A | Bozeman, Montana RV-7A #74298

Jeffrey wrote in to let us know about the recent completion of his RV-7A! After nearly 10 years of building, the first flight happened. It was an uneventful, but in a good uneventful way, if that makes sense? Nerves were high as I did rebuild the engine myself so lots could go wrong. I also […] Read More

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