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FIrst FLights

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Terry Shortt’s RV-7 | Wichita KS RV-7 #72651

Cheers to Terry as he completed his first flight in his RV-7! He shares: On September 7th, 2019, My RV build adventure started when my good friend Craig Noah helped me pick up a set of almost complete used wings that had been hanging up in the original purchaser’s garage for the better part of […] Read More

Gary Julian’s RV-7 | New Zealand RV-7 #73688

Congratulations Gary! He writes: The big day snuck up on me. Thanks to my Test pilot Jason Wakelin and engineer John Crawford (and a lot of others who lifted ; held; riveted and so on you all know the drill). All went very smoothly just a few caution lights on the Dynons to be sorted […] Read More

Lee Kitson’s RV-8 | Harleysville, PA RV-8 #83430

Congrats Lee on the completion and first flight on his RV-8! He reports: My RV-8 took to the skies for the first time on Dec. 4th with Nigel Speedy at the controls. It was a perfect day for a test flight with low clear skies and low winds. Nigel reported that it flew great and […] Read More

Alexander Cole’s RV-14A | Oviedo, Florida RV-14A #140509

Congratulations to Alexander on completing his first flight with his RV-14A! He writes: N14YZ had her first flight on April 13, 2021 – she flew almost perfectly and I could trim for hands-off flight. Thankfully, the day was uneventful, but likely because of all the preparation and planning that went into it.  First, I’ll have […] Read More

Adam Brinkmann’s RV-12iS | Cincinnati, OH RV-12iS #121202

Great work, Adam. We’re excited to see his first flight with his RV-12iS. He shares: After 3 1/2 years of building, on March 8th, 2023, N242SA slipped the surly bonds of earth and took flight. With the help of test pilot Jeff M (pictured at right), she flew flawlessly with no squawks. I’ve had the […] Read More

Ian Condy’s RV-14A | Kilrush, Ireland RV-14A #140575

Congrats to Ian on the completion and first flight on his RV-14A! He reports: First flight occurred after 4 years and 2 months and lasted about 25 minutes. I just orbited over the field at high power for engine break in. What a machine – nice taut handling yet very responsive. I really enjoyed the […] Read More

Lee Hanson’s RV-14A | Buffalo, Minnesota RV-14A #140335

Great work, Lee! We’re excited to see his first flight with his RV-8. He shares: Sorry it took me so long. Aircraft has been flying 3yrs 8 months now. Full story on pages 102-103 of EAA sport Aviation November 2022 edition. Bronze Lindy awarded at AirVenture 2021.

Olivier Blauenstein’s RV-14 | Basel / Switzerland RV-14 #140207

Congratulations to Oliver on completing his first flight with his RV-14. He writes: What a fantastic feeling to fly the airplane you built with your own hands. The plane was flying perfect, well balanced with a super smooth engine and no vibration. As an upgrade from my L4, the flight characteristics are super cool. RV […] Read More

Stefan Bendl’s RV-14 | Donzdorf, Germany RV-14 #140863

Congratulations Stefan! 1043 days ago we got our first kit from Aurora. The following 2 years my wife Silke and me spend every free minute on building our RV-14. After we received the approval from the authorities, yesterday was the day to change our status from builder to pilot. Weather was perfect, only light winds. The […] Read More

Mark Gaboriault’s RV-7 | Prescott Valley, AZ RV-7 #70676

Congratulations to Mark on his new RV-7! He writes: After nineteen years of off and on building, first flight was in February 2020, finish paint August 2023. Subaru 3.0 six cylinder engine, mated to an Aerodrive gearbox and MT electric constant speed prop. Super smooth. What a blast to fly!

James Mark Stringfellow’s RV-10 | Lexington, KY RV-10 #40480

Nice work James! He shares: First flight, engine break in, it’s a smooth flying plane. No surprises, nice landing with 80lbs in the cargo hold. Building vs Flying? I have to go with FLYING! I learned several new skills, made some of my own custom tools, and spent $$$ on some cool new tools but […] Read More

Larry R. Nelson’s RV-9A | Rochester, MN RV-9A #91574

Congratulations Larry! He shares: First flight was 44 minutes on June 4 flown by pilot Tom Berge. Flew well except for high cht in my new Lycoming engine. In subsequent flight hours, cht has cooled. Fun to fly! No pictures yet as it is unpainted (will happen be painted in October). May send photos then. […] Read More

Dan Thompson’s RV-9A | Battle Ground, Washington RV-9A #90097

Congratulations Dan! He writes: The RV-9A took me 2.5 years to complete. I installed a Dynon HDX panel, IO-320-D1A and a constant speed Hartzell prop. This aircraft was originally purchased as a quick build in the Mid 2000’s by a gentleman named Dave and sat for years on center island in the San Juan’s untouched […] Read More

Ross Lavely’s RV-14 | Carson City, NV. (KCXP) RV-14 #140421

Congratulations to Ross on the completion of his stunning RV-14! He writes: I’m a little late getting out the first flight report. N658RV first flew May 18, 2021. The first flight went very smooth with only minor adjustments to get it to fly hands off. A few big shoutouts: The gang at Bend Builders Assist who helped […] Read More

Matt Ewoldt’s RV-7A | San Antonio, TX RV-7A #70900

Congratulations to Matt on the first flight of his RV-7A! Check out his wonderful first flight story: FF was amazing! A few squawks, all minor…one hour and 177 miles later (all over KCVB…my ball of yarn track), she landed perfectly. New YIO-360-EXP / Hartzell CS two blade / Dynon HDX / Avidyne IFD 440 / […] Read More

Dan Prill’s RV-7 | Sand Coulee, Montana RV-7 #71224

Congratulations to Dan on his new RV-7! Dan writes: After 18 years of off and on building the RV-7 – my son stepped up to the challenge and along with his friends completed the construction of N4677P. The plane was finished and issued an Airworthiness Certificate on June 14, 2023. The first flight was done […] Read More

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