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FIrst FLights

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Adam and Kyle Randall – RV-7 | Doylestown, PA RV-7 #72023

Adam writes in to tell us of the first flight of the RV-7 he and his brother built! Congratulations! After 15 years, N631AK had its first flight today! I started the project in 2004 and built the empennage, but didn’t get serious until my brother Kyle joined the project in 2012. He flies an F-15C […] Read More

William Slaughter’s RV-8 | Houston, TX KEFD RV-8 #81555

William writes in to describe the first flight of his RV-8! Congrats!! “0.7 hrs orbiting the airport. Plane tracked straight on the runway and flew beautifully under the control of my friend and high time RV-8 pilot Jerry Hajek. 2.3 hrs on the second flight, hope to get in 2.0 today, then change the oil […] Read More

Richard Thompson | Berryville, VA RV-14 #140347

Richard writes in to tell us about his new RV-14 first flight! “Two years start to finish (all slow build). Thanks to the support from all the professionals at Synergy Air in Eugene and my brother Randy for making the dream a reality. Options include a Thunderbolt IO-390, Hartzell composite prop and dual Skyview HDX […] Read More

Mike Collins’ RV-7 | Spring, TX RV-7 #74465

Mike Collins writes in to tell us about his RV-7’s maiden flight! “Hurricane Amy” made her first flight 10-27-2018. The hardest part was wiping the RV grin off my face when I landed! I can’t thank Van’s enough for such a great kit and support. Options include 3-blade MT prop, Aerosport IO-375 with EFII System […] Read More

Mike Allardyce’s RV-14A | Reynoldsburg, OH RV-14A #140382

Mike Allardyce writes in regarding the first flight of his new RV-14A: “First flight on 5/11 after a 25 month build. I took a 2 month vacation during that time to have my right knee replaced, so the kit goes together quickly. This is my 4th build, and 3rd RV, and this kit is by […] Read More

David Mazer’s RV-8 | Orlando, FL RV-8 #83080

David writes: “First flight on 5/16/19 after 4 1/2 years! Initial climb 2074 ft/min, cruise at 80% power at 2000 ft about 175 kts. Who could ask for more?” Congrats, David!

Henry King’s RV-14A | Aiken, SC RV-14A #140187

Henry sends us this account of the first flight of his RV-14A! “After a four and a half year journey N144VT took flight from Aiken Regional Airport for the first time. No real issues noted. Thanks to my wife Sue and Mark Dupont (N435MD) for the support. Ready to get back in and go some […] Read More

Les Kearney’s New RV-10 | Canmore, Alberta, Canada RV-10 #41775

Les sends word of his first flight! Congrats! RV-10 C-GROK took flight today (April 29th) after a 2-year, 1-month build. C-GROK has an Aerosport IO-540 engine with 9:1 pistons and Barret Cold Air Induction. SDSEFI.COM provided the Electronic Fuel Injection and Electronic Injection. Stein built an all Garmin panel (dual G3X / G5 backup / […] Read More

Carlos Mejia’s RV-10 | Southport, NC RV-10 #41395

Carlos writes to tell us about the first flight of his RV-10! It is worth repeating the exhilarating feeling of getting in the air after five and a half years of building our RV-10. Apprehension? Yes, I know I got the cotter pins in the right place, tightened all that needed tightened and so on. […] Read More

Rich Dupee’s RV-10 | Falmouth MA, RV-10 #41769

Rich Dupee dropped a note to tell us: Quickbuild project started in Feb 2017. Lycoming Thunderbolt IO540 with Airflow performance fuel servo and ElectroAir ignition. Garmin G3X touch PFD and MFD, G5 and GTN750 Flies well with no trim needs. Congrats, Rich!

Larry New’s RV-7A | New Braunfels, TX RV-7A #73494

News from Larry on the “happened a while ago” first flight on his RV-7A! This is my very late first flight report. My first flight was on Thursday, May 15th, 2015. I’m averaging well over 200 hours per year and having a blast. My son and I took a big trip last summer and landed […] Read More

Joao Cardadeiro | Brazil RV-4 #4571

Congrats to Joao on the flight of this RV-4! “After 5 years of building PR-ZQS finally flew yesterday, April 19. It flies perfectly and overall it is a great plane and fun to fly. Thanks Van’s for all.”

Samuel Rousseau’s RV-7A | Pittsburgh, PA RV-7A #7-1386

Samuel wrote in to let us all know about the first flight of his RV-7A! And, not everyone who builds an RV is already a pilot – Each build and person is unique! “Construction started in 2003. After five moves, N607R received airworthiness cert in October, 2015. First flight performed by “Popeye” Bill Flaherty on […] Read More

M Turner Billingsley’s RV-14A | Ponte Vedra, FL RV-14A #140338

News just in from Turner, who’s RV-14A was inspected and approved by Vic Syracuse of Base Leg Aviation, and then flew for the first time on Tuesday April 16th! “Today Vic Syracuse came down and conducted the airworthiness inspection, we completed the paperwork, and he flew the first flight with me.  It was a bit […] Read More

Dennis Fox’s RV-8A | Three Hills, Albersta, Canada RV-8A #80531

Dennis writes in: First flight of CGRVU was May 15, 2017 after 7 years of construction. All went well with no snags and performance of the airframe and engine combination was gratifying and very grin-worthy. Engine is IO-360 A1A from a Mooney and overhauled by Dave From Aviation in Red Deer. Prop is Whirlwind 200RV […] Read More

Jeffrey Pringle’s RV-7A | Orlando, Florida RV-7A #72587

Jeff sends news of the first flight of his new RV-7A! ”First flight totally complete, coming home from the paint shop at Evoke Aviation Paint in Garden Alabama. I this partially completed RV-7A that was started by Phillip Maples before his passing. I was super lucky to be able to acquire a project started by […] Read More

Charles Gregg’s RV-7A | Sanford, Florida RV7A #73760

“After a little over 8 years, RV-7A N307CG, a father and sons build, had its first flight on January 11, 2019. I’m truly amazed with the performance and flight characteristics of this aircraft. “Equipped with a Aerosport Power IO-375-B1B, and a Whirlwind 200RV prop. IFR panel by Advanced Flight Systems and a 430W.”