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Mike Walker’s RV-10 | Cold Lake, Alberta Canada RV-10 #41779

Cheers to Mike for completing his RV-10 and first flight. He writes:

After 6 years and nearly 2 months of building, RV-10 41779 took to the skies over Cold Lake, AB Canada for the first time. It was constructed using the QB option for wings and fuselage, with an Aerosport IO-540 D4A5 up front. G3X/GTN750 panel by SteinAir.

Performance and flight characteristics were absolutely beautiful, with only a couple of avionics snags noted. Handling is light and responsive, and there’s plenty of power to get up into the air. Landing performance was equally impressive, having no issues stopping in less than half of the 3000′ runway available.

I was fortunate to have my friend Erick on the wing in his F1 Rocket to fly chase and provide reassurances that everything was looking good. 1.6 Hours in the book as initial flight testing has officially begun! What a machine, and what an experience!

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