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FIrst FLights

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Brent Owen’s RV-8 | Hanover, Pennsylvania RV-8 #81656

Congrats to Brent, who recently completed his RV-8! He writes: This is my second RV. The first was an RV-9A. This one is an RV-8. Excellent short takeoff, very pleasant handling, no dramatic problems, but the three point landing was not as tidy as I would have liked. Previous pilots have commented on running out […] Read More

Rockwood Shepard’s RV-9A | Caldwell, Idaho RV-9A #92094

Congrats to Rockwood on the completion, and first flight of his RV-9A! He writes: I have always wanted to build a plane and the chance came up for me in 2012 while living in Colorado. Because of out of state work commitments, I had limited times to work. We moved to Idaho and I found […] Read More

Sarel vd Walt’s RV-7 | Johannesburg, South Africa RV-7 #71031

Sarel has completed his new RV-7! Congratulations to Sarel vd Walt with his flawless RV-7 maiden flight that took place on Friday the 13th of November flown by Johan van Zyl. Sarel started his project in January 2018 and his RV is based at Petit Airfield (Johannesburg, South Africa).

Bob Bower’s RV-6A | Everett, Washington RV-6A #24589

Congratulations to Bob who recently completed his RV-6A! He writes: In the capable hands of experienced RV pilot Dan Thomas (1,300 hrs in type), my RV-6A airplane slipped the surly bonds of Earth for the first time today. Paine Field air traffic control was very cooperative and accommodated Dan orbiting the airport at 3,000 feet […] Read More

Jon Wald’s RV-7A | Mojave, California RV-7A #71485

Congrats to Jon on the first flight of his new RV-7A! He writes: Truly a flawless first flight! It climbed like a rocket. Thank you to all that helped make this possible. It really takes a village. The Van’s community is amazing. I made some great friends and memories throughout this process. Excited to get […] Read More

Jeffrey Rich’s RV-10 | New Albany, Indiana RV-10 #41459

Congratulations to Jeffrey, on the completion and first flight of his RV-10! He sent in this report: A successful first flight doesn’t happen without the help of a LOT of people. As a community, we’re very fortunate to have so many vendors who understand the needs of the amateur homebuilder. I have the added bonus […] Read More

Eulice Curington’s RV-10 | Melbourne, Florida RV-10 #40128

Congrats to Eulice on his new RV-10, which he recently flew for the first time! He writes: Took me thirteen years and one month to build my RV-10. A couple of the years were spent mostly with me getting my privates certificate. Slow build kits, just about everything done by me, including wiring and paint. […] Read More

Kurt Van Hulzen’s RV-14A | Sac City, Iowa RV-14A #140096

Congratulations to Kurt on the first flight of his RV-14A! He writes: Wow, what a thrill. I had 500 hrs in an RV-10 (purchased, not built by me) but I didn’t expect the difference in the feel of the power, shorter take off distance, or faster climb rate. Otherwise flew hands off, slight nose down […] Read More

John Mowat’s RV-12iS | Victor, Montana RV12iS #12076

Congrats to John who recently completed his RV-12iS! He writes: Flew off home runway. Everything went great. Flew hands off. My runway is a one way strip 3600ft elevation. Aircraft handled it beautifully. This is my 2nd RV build. Very pleased with the Super Technical support and Parts folks.

Cody Jordan’s RV-14A | Creswell, Oregon RV-14A #140052

Congratulations to Cody who writes to let us all know about the recent first flight of his new RV-14A! After nearly eight years of building, N4VD took flight on October 27, 2020. Thanks to Van’s good build instructions and kit quality, there was only one minor squawk. The airplane roared off the runway and flew […] Read More

John Luke Gross’ RV-4 | Carthage, Mississippi RV-4 #4580

Congrats to John on his new RV-4, which he recently flew for the first time! He writes: A little late for the first flight report (whoops!), but better late than never! Flys like a dream. You don’t get in the plane, you strap the plane onto yourself! RV-4 modified with a fastback.

Ryan Beckley’s RV-4 | Johannesburg, South Africa RV4 #4592

Congrats to Ryan on the first flight of his RV-4! He writes: A wonderful experience with a lot of fantastic help along the way. A very proud RV4 owner. Powered by an O360 with a Hartzell blended aero foil prop. She flies like she is on rails. Thank you to Van’s for all the support. […] Read More

Douglas Walters’ RV-6 | Paso Robles, California RV-6 #21807

Douglas wrote to tell us that he completed his RV-6 marathon! RV-6 slow build of 29 years has to be a record. Performance exceeds expectations. Equipped for IFR with autopilot, extreme paint, carpet, plush seats with heaters it weighs 1119 pounds. Many thanks to a lot of people who taught me the skills necessary to […] Read More