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FIrst FLights

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Scott Campbell’s RV-8 | San Diego, California RV-8 #83063

Congratulations Scott! First flight was Saturday April 30th at Brown Field in San Diego and lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes. The flight was totally uneventful with the exception of the stall warning buzzer not turning off after landing until I slowed to about 10 knots, couldn’t hear the controller in the tower until the […] Read More

David Olivares’ RV-8A | Madison, Alabama RV-8A #83183

Nice work David! He writes: After selling my Beech Musketeer and then 11 years and 1 month of building, finishing, electrical, and fretting every detail, N696RV finally flew tonight with me at the controls. Like most others, she flew hands off with no surprises, and no issues. Unfortunately, no pictures of the first flight but […] Read More

Lewis Muzzio’s RV-8 | Chandler, Arizona RV-8 #83607

Congratulations Lewis! He writes: She is airborne and flying like an Eagle! I am so happy I got this kit done and ready for the first flight. I am very happy with the results. It took me 2.5 years to get done. The delay was due to PPL re-certification. First flight the weather was perfect! […] Read More

Don Short’s RV-10 | Haskell, Oklahoma RV-10 #40087

Congratulations Don! He writes: What an airplane! Bought a partially built kit at approx quick build stage and flew it for the first time Wednesday, May 11, 2022. I had a couple of little issues that I worked out. Running Barrett engine, 9/1 compression, cold air sump and Showplanes cowl, 292hp If you are building, […] Read More

Leonard Westermeyer’s RV-7A | Spokane, Washington RV-7A #74595

After five years of building, my bird took flight on May 8, 2022 at Felts Field (KSFF). It performed perfectly, flying straight and true. I had to find a break in the severe weather for the flight, which had included two tornados and hailstorms in the previous 24 hours. Thanks to the Transition Training given […] Read More

Martin J Filiatrault’s RV-8 | Clarkston, Michigan RV-8 #83507

Martin wrote in to let us know about his first flight in his RV-8. He writes: The first and second flights of my RV-8 occurred on Thursday, April 28, 2022 with test pilot David Carrick at the controls. The first flight was only five minutes; an unknown vibration occurred and David returned to the field. […] Read More

Alan Wieder’s RV-9A | Creswell, Oregon RV-9A #91173

Congratulations Alan! I acquired this “90% complete – 90% to go” project in Sept 2020. The first builder passed away before completion and the second builder had health issues which prevented him from making any progress for about seven years. Changes in my work schedule (COVID) provided me the opportunity to take this on, including […] Read More

Steven Robert Noneman’s RV-7A | Columbus, Montana RV-7A #74393

Congratulations to Steven! He writes: The first flight of my RV-7A, N974NA, was completed on April 8, 2022. That flight realized a lifelong dream that started when I was an aerospace engineering student at the University of Cincinnati. As a UC student I started in Huntsville, Alabama, a 40-year career with NASA in 9/74 (note […] Read More

Mark Santoleri’s RV-14A | West Chester, Pennsylvania RV-14A #140561

Congratulations Mark! N94MS received its airworthiness certificate on March 7, 2022. On March 20, 2022 it had its first successful flight. The Thunderbolt IO-390 exp 119 and Hartzell 3-blade composite performed amazingly well. Thanks Van’s for great design. As a repeat offender this kits went together very quickly. Thanks to my many friends for their help […] Read More

Chris Hrabe’s RV-9A | Eden Prairie, Minnesota RV-9A #91756

Congratulations to Chris on his new RV-9A! He writes: Dear Folks at Van’s, I’m pleased to announce that the thirteen-year build of my RV-9A, S/N 91756, N111CT was recently finished, and the first flight was performed on January 11th with the very capable Mr. Tom Berge at the controls. The flight went quite well and […] Read More

Thomas Murray’s RV-14A | Oswego, New York RV-14A #140698

Congratulations Thomas! He writes: Most people say this is a show plane. The color is custom, a mix of glass flake sapphire of the crystal alliance series, a one of a king paint job. The color changes from black to blue and a few different colors in between. Full IFR panel, two Garmin G3X touch, […] Read More

Glen Palmer’s RV-7 | Toronto, Ontario RV-7 #74641

Congratulations to Glen on his new RV-7! He writes: I thoroughly enjoyed building the aircraft. I learned so much and gained so many new skills. There was frustration but more often a huge sense of accomplishment. Much of the enjoyment of the build came from having an incredibly supportive wife. She encouraged me to start […] Read More

Jim Sackreiter’s RV-14A | Brenham, TX RV-14A #140648

Join us in congratulating Jim on the maiden flight of his new RV-14A! “First flight was at 2:22 on 2/22/22. It was short due to an oil temperature indication anomaly. After re-terminating the wires to the temperature sensor another, longer flight was successfully flown.”

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