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FIrst FLights

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Gary Konrad’s New RV-7 | Howell, MI RV-7 #70093

Congrats to Gary on the huge milestone! After 18 years of building I finally flew my RV-7 today. First flight was 2.0 hrs. with the coaching and experience of Terry Lutz, CFI/APP. Landings are different than my Dragonfly.

Greg Beckner’s new RV-14A | Houston, Texas RV-14A #140366

Greg Beckner writes in to share the story of his first couple flights in his new RV-14A! First two flights yesterday. Launched and flew without incident. The plane was straight and level hands off-amazing what the Van’s designers have accomplished. The plane is very sensitive so a deft touch is required. After landing we took […] Read More

Jeffrey W Scott’s new RV-9A | Louisville, Kentucky RV-9A #91434

Jeffrey Scott wrote in to tell us about his first flight with Dave Schmitz as Additional Pilot. Congrats on the new airplane, looks really nice! I purchased this kit 2nd hand, just past quick build stage, four years ago. Perfect timing to select interior, instruments, engine, prop, all the personal items. Sunday we had planned […] Read More

Roger Small’s New RV-14 First Flight | New Zealand RV-14 #140075

Congrats, Roger! Nice looking airplane! My RV-14 ZK-LBK flew here in New Zealand after 5 years and 7 months of building. First time build but great support from the Van’s Aircraft team. Flew beautifully and is a standard kit VFR machine with Dynon Skyview avionics suppled by Advanced Flight. Engine and prop the standard package […] Read More

Jonathan Pharr’s New RV-8 | Monroeville, AL RV-8 #80032

Here’s the word from Jonathan on the maiden voyage of his RV-8: “First flight in the books! She flies like a dream, no surprise there. I’ve owned a RV-6 in the past and always dreamed of building an 8. I picked this one up as a partially completed project (quick build stage basically) just over […] Read More

William Wilson’s New RV-7A! | Kalamazoo, MI USA RV-7A #74032

Congrats to William Wilson on the first flight of his new RV-7A! After 7.5 years my RV-7A project has officially become an airplane as N247BW. Airworthiness inspection was performed on 8/2 by Ted Gauthier. The inspection went very well and I found the experience quite enjoyable. Immediately after the inspection was completed, all of the […] Read More

TeenFlight Puyallup’s TF4 flies! | Puyallup, WA RV-12 #121005

Congrats to TeenFlight in Puyallup, Washington on their fourth RV-12! TeenFlight Puyallup celebrated the first flight of their student built TF4 aircraft (RV-12 ULS), their 4th completed RV-12. Marv Scott piloted the plane and reported she flew great! A couple more flights will be made before delivering it to the paint shop. Final testing will […] Read More