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Bob Mowry’s RV-12iS | Butler PA RV-12iS #120-987

Great work, Bob. We’re excited to see his first flight in his RV-12iS. He shares:

After seven years of part time building, N412X finally took flight on October 3, 2023. My wife and I started construction at Synergy Air back in October of 2016. I could not have completed this build without the faithful help of Chuck Lotz. I met Chuck through the EAA chapter 857 at Bulter County Airport and he owns RV-12 serial number 31 which he built with a group many years ago.

The first flight was uneventful. I’ve included youtube videos of the first takeoff and landing as well as a picture of Chuck Lotz, Mike Neuman, and myself next to the plane after the first flight (the names are in left to right order relative to the picture). Chuck and Mike are working through the PAP since I have not yet obtained my private pilot rating. I also have attached a picture of my wife Karin in the plane the day we moved it to the airport. She was in the plane in case we needed some help with the brakes as we brought the plane down our somewhat steep driveway. I also attached a picture of the plane taxing after the first flight. We had a spectacularly nice weather day for October north of Pittsburgh.

I benefitted a great deal from both VAF and also the folks at Van’s support. I also wanted to thank two other folks specifically. I met Tony Kirk while working on the One Week Wonder back in 2018. His help with some of the issues I encountered with my build was invaluable. I also wanted to thank fellow builder Rob Carsey who I met via VAF and who has not only been a valuable resource in that forum and over the phone, but who has also flown to Butler in the past to help out with the build as well.

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