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Sobota Laurent’s RV-7 | Neuchatel, Switzerland RV-7 #74154

Congratulations to Sobota for his first flight in his RV-7! He shares:

Finally, after starting this project 12 years ago, it could be real.

I started this kit in 2012 in France, stopped 3 years when I was moving to Switzerland as I didn’t have a garage in my house (I had to build a workshop for it). When I received my permit to fly on the 5th of April this year, I couldn’t realize that this project could have an end. And so, I had to start my tailwheel endorsement as I’ve never flown a taildragger before.

After 30 landings on Piper cub + 5 on RV-7, I felt confident enough to make the HB-YSL fly. I chose a day perfect, without wind, nice temperature, and said “let’s go”!

It was the first of May, weather and traffic was calm, but not as my nerves 😉. But finally, the flight was wonderful, the plane flew perfectly and so fast! I can just say that the reward really is worth all the effort! Now I’m looking forward to ending the test period and I will work on my paint scheme too 😉

Youtube :

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