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Aitor Lazo’s RV-9A | Irving, TX RV-9A #92286

Congrats to Aitor on the first flight of his new RV-9A! He writes:

I just realized I never updated you on my first flight. Almost a year later I’m done with phase one, what an incredible ride.

N253LP flew for the first time on June 27th 2023. The flight was uneventful and provided an incredible sense of accomplishment. Having re-assembled the engine myself I was very cautious and attentive to its performance and behavior. The airplane flew incredible smooth and only a few minor tweaks were needed after (mostly adding an oil door stiffener so it would not open inflight).

I can’t thank enough Mr Alex De Dominicis for all the training and even introducing me to his neighbor Randy who took me up flying on his (really close to mine) RV-9A. By the time the flight happened I was safe and current with an almost exact idea of how my airplane would behave during critical parts of the flight. Thank you!

None of this would have been possible without the support of my wife, my friend Mike and my tech counselor Carl from EAA Chapter 34. Thank you all!

Lastly, thank you Van’s Aircraft for putting together an amazing product and supporting me through the journey. I know things have been hard lately, but that is how life works, challenges only mean that we are still around and that we need to keep pushing ahead.


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