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Brian Decker’s RV-7 | Georgetown, Texas RV-7 #74455

Congratulations to Brian on new RV-7! He writes:

After 7 years and almost 500 hours, my first RV-7 was destroyed by a 500 flood at my home airport. When I began building the replacement, I decided to fix a few things as well as copy some modifications from the original RV-7: Small (RV-8) rudder, F1 rocket gear leg fairings, “Targa Top”, lowered canopy side skins, vented aft inspection covers, hidden antennas, every accessory that JD Air offers, All Garmin Glass avionics, a Lycoming IO-360-A1B6 w/ Dual LSE Plasma III, Hartzell BA propellor. After 150 hours of enjoyment, she went off to Evoke aviation for paint. We picked it up last week and I can’t get the “RV-Grin” off my face.

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