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FIrst FLights

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Kay Stecklum’s New RV-7 | Lindau - Germany RV-7 #73571

Congratulations to Kay, who sent this RV-7 first-flight report! Started 11 years ago, but with a 7 year break in between. That makes 4 years, which isn’t to bad. She has an io-375 spinning an Hartzell CS. Dynon Skyview with a lot of steam gauges. 1095 lbs, CG is perfect. First 20 minutes flight was […] Read More

Walter Tondu’s New RV-8A | Mansfield TX RV-8A #81138

Congrats to Walter, who writes in to report: After a six year build the RV-8A was ready with a fresh pink slip from Mel Asberry. The pilot was made ready after several hours with Mike Seager in the factory RV-9A. The takeoff roll seemed very short as the IO-390 and 74 HRT prop decidedly pulled […] Read More

Brian Greene’s RV-7 | Grand Haven, Michigan RV-7 #73988

Congratulations to Brian, who writes to tell us about the first flight of his RV-7: After nine years of building, I was just a little anxious as I taxied out on a beautiful calm clear morning. Once I added power for takeoff though, I was laser focused on the task at hand. Thanks to a […] Read More

Mickey Coggins’ New RV-8 | Switzerland RV-8 #82007

Congrats to Mickey in Switzerland, who writes to inform us: I’m delighted to announce that my RV-8 is now flying! So many people to thank – Emmett, Sosthene, Heinz, Karl, Georg, Dan, Marcel, Anne, Claudio, Michel, Eric, Jon, Thierry, Chris, Emad, Vincent, Olivier, Catherine, all the amazing people at Doug Reeves’ VAF, and probably a […] Read More

Craig Garella | Dallas, GA RV-10 #42006

Congratulations to Craig on the first flight of his RV-10! He writes to say: “Outstanding experience from opening the first crate to rotating on the maiden flight. I really haven’t stopped grinning throughout. First flight was incredible. She flew straight and climbed like a champ. Looking forward to years of fantastic flying.”

John Browne’s RV-7 | Perth Western Australia RV-7 #73965

Congrats to John, who writes to tell us about the first flight of his RV-7 in Australia: “Successful first flight 15 May 2020, Phase 1 testing completed 14 July 2020 with no defects encountered. Aircraft very pleasant to fly with no trim issues. Phase 2 certificate of airworthiness now issued for unrestricted flight.”

Tom Dubrouillet | Rock HIll, SC RV-8 #83563

Congratulations to Tom, who sends us a belated first-flight report on his RV-8! RV-8 N563RV had its first flight on 1/9/19 after 2 years and 9 months of building and painting. I used standard wing and tail kits with a QB fuselage kit. She’s equipped with Lycoming IO360 and Hartzell CS Prop, and a Garmin […] Read More

Alan Lancello’s RV-14! | Keller, Texas RV-14 #140352

Congratulation Alan! Nice looking airplane, and we especially love the tail! 😉 He writes to tell us about his RV-14’s first flight, which happened a little while back: 2 yr 6mo build, just an amazing Aircraft! Right out of the gate with no significant issues. Just finished the 1st condition inspection and again no issues […] Read More

Peter Lukasczyk’s New RV-8 | Germany RV-8 #82972

Congratulations to Paul on his new RV-8! He writes: It finally happened!! After almost 11 years, a wedding, a child and 3 relocations my project became a real aircraft. I had the urge to do this since my visit to Oshkosh in 1998. Building your own aircraft puts you through all states of emotions which […] Read More

Gary Obee’s New RV-9A | Lambertville, Michigan RV-9A #92098

Congratulations to Gary, who writes to share his new RV-9A story: Started building N316PG in my basement, 2012. My two brothers Dave and Charlie helped buck rivets, apply fuel tank sealant and whatever else I needed help with. My good friend Mike Whitescarver (an RV-8A builder) was a great source of help and encouragement during […] Read More

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