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FIrst FLights

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Kevern Brown’s New RV-8 | Pretoria, South Africa RV-8 #83275

Congrats to Kevern in South Africa, who just completed and flew his new RV-8! After completion of my 2nd RV, 2 RV-7’s, I decided to build the RV-8 standard kit that I had stored under my bench. Flight was supposed to happen in November 2019 however paperwork delays and the onset of Covid put paid […] Read More

Jim McChesney’s RV-7A – with video! | TUCSON, AZ RV-7A #71572

Congratulation to Jim on his new RV-7A first flight! Well it finally happened. First flight of my RV project. Superior Air Parts XP O-360 Sensenich Fixed Pitch Metal prop GRT EFIS, EIS and Autopilot Very Basic VFR panel with ICOM ICA210 and King KT-76A James Aircraft Cowl, Plenum and Induction system Took delivery of the […] Read More

Ronald Niehoff’s RV-9A | Oldenzaal, The Netherlands RV-9A #92233

Congrats to Ron, who writes to tell us: On Friday 3 July 2020 the RV-9A PH-NIR had her first flight on Twente Airport in The Netherlands. Together with family and friends I had the most impressive and emotional flight ever. The first flight, together with instructor Rob Groothuis went without any issue. I started building […] Read More

Mike Kingery’s New RV-7 | Clayton, GA RV-7 #70508

Congrats to Mike on his new RV-7. He writes into tell us all: After 20 years (with long periods taken up by care for aging parents), N14VF “broke the surly bonds” today. Can’t describe my elation at having ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT!!! It has been a long and frustrating ride, but today it all […] Read More

Karsten Lorenz’ RV-6 Flies! | South Germany RV-6 #25632

Congratulations to Karsten! He writes: In 2008 I made a demo flight with Ken Scott in your RV-7A factory demonstrator. From then, I worked for the goal to own such an outstanding airplane. Then, in 2011, I found this RV-6 at Barnstormers.com, bought the starter kit from South Carolina, and shipped it to Germany. Now, […] Read More

Tim Huneycutt’s Beautiful New RV-10 | Lincolnton, NC RV-10 #145

Congrats to Tim on his new RV-10, which first flew in November but just came out of the paint shop – and wow is it amazing looking! Tim writes: Our RV-10, affectionately named “Tess” slipped the surly bonds of earth for the first time on November 15th, 2019. The build took almost seven years with […] Read More

Randy Bornhorst’s RV-14A | Rochester, MN RV-14A #140532

Congratulations to Randy, who started building his RV-14A in August, 2018 and which first flew on Sunday, June 28th! He writes: Great experience with the first flight. Second build experience, RV-8 was first. The Van’s office staff are great to work with. Looking forward to traveling in the plane soon.

Paul Sueck’s RV-7 | Germany RV-7 #73974

Paul Sueck from Germany writes to tell us belatedly that his RV-7 flew for the first time in April 2013. Since then he has put 450 hours on it! Late, but I think not too late. It’s a beautiful plane. Flies great. The kit is well thought out. Meanwhile, it has 450 hours on the […] Read More

Dave Gidzinski’s RV-6 First Flight! | Cedarville, NJ RV-6 #21270

Congrats to Dave on the recent completion and first flight of his RV-6. He writes to tell us: A very slow build. Never a priority project. It sat dormant twice, once for over 3 years. Several projects, Pitts, J-3, second house and two bouts of unemployment. First flight from my own private airstrip in NJ. […] Read More

Brad Martens’ New RV-9A! | Parker, CO RV-9A #91881

Congratulations to Brad on the first flight of his RV-9A! He writes to tell us all about it and to provide some words of encouragement for builders: After 11 years and 2 days N8729M finally took to the air on 6/18/2020 at KCFO in Watkins, CO. What an awesome feeling! Thanks to my wife for […] Read More

Bill Bencze’s New RV-7 | Half Moon Bay, CA RV-7 #74152

Congrats to Bill, who just flew his RV-7 for the first time! He wrote in to share his first-flight story: After 8.5 years of slow building, 2311 hours in the builders log, RV-7 N430WB finally broke the surly bonds today for a successful first flight from KHAF Half Moon Bay, CA. Engine ran well; CHT’s […] Read More

Rafael Navarro García’s New RV-7 | Utrera/ Spain RV-7 #74462

Congratulations to Rafael, who tell us all about the first flight of his new RV-7! In September 2015 I received the famous Vans carto box with the tail pieces. My plane has a Lycoming O-360-A1A with ignition and injection SDS EM-5 and a Dynon HDX 10″ and a paneled iPad. From then until now, … […] Read More

David Harvey’s New RV-10 | Joliet, Illinois RV-10 #40305

David writes to tell the world about the first flight of his RV-10 – congrats! First flight was on May 29th 2020. Took off from Joliet Regional Airport (KJOT). The flight was uneventful….just what I was planning on… I’m glad I decided on the flight training, so I knew what to expect and it performed […] Read More

Joe Reaves’ New RV-14A | LONGVIEW, TEXAS RV-14A #140468

Congrats to Joe, who writes to report on the first flight of his new RV-14A! After 2 years and 2 weeks of construction, my RV-14A flew on June 7, 2020. The plane flew “hands-off” from the beginning with no trim being required except for the normal pitch trim adjustments from take-off settings, cruise setting and […] Read More

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