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Ian Pearce’s RV-14A | Adelaide, South Australia RV-14A #140053

Congratulations to Ian on the first flight of his RV-14A! He writes:

I have always been fascinated by aviation, but for much of my life the idea of me flying was unachievable (time, money etc.) Then in 2008 I took the plunge and got my PPL, after about 100 hours life conspired against me and I had to give it up. The dream still niggled away at me, so in 2013 embarked on the build of an RV-14A.

At approximately 16:00 hours on 1st September 2021 VH-VFB departed the earth for the first time. My test pilot was impressed by the performance and reported no inherent bad flight characteristics.

Thanks to all at Van’s for your help in making this possible. A wonderful feeling to have joined an elite group of people who can say “I built an airplane”.

Fun times ahead.

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