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Alan Dyck’s RV-4 | Mississauga, On., Canada RV-4 #2186

Congratulations to Alan on the recent completion of his RV-4! He writes:

On July 22/21 yet another RV-4, C-GUYM, took to the skies. She flew just like an RV, light and sensitive on the controls but not twitchy. Powered by a Lycoming O-320 160hp, fired by one Slick and one LSE Plasma 2, driving a Hertzler Silver Bullet prop she performs true to Vans published numbers. The basic panel consists of a Dynon Skyview with comm, audio panel and xponder. The Radiant Technology Multi-gauge provides the backup flight information. LED wing mounted taxi and landing lights with wig-wag complement the Aveo LED strobe/recognition lighting.

The plane was purchased semi-completed to about the quickbuild stage last November. Many thanks to fellow builder Neil K. for his many hours dedicated to getting GUYM into the air! Thanks also to my awesome wife for her tolerance of my expensive obsession which left her solo for many months!

My third RV (2nd build) and the smile still continues!!

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