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Southern Arizona Teen Aviation’s RV-12iS | Tucson, Arizona RV-12iS #121125

Congratulations to the Souther Arizona Teen Flight group on their new RV-12iS! They write:

Amazingly enough, even with Covid, we managed to work on and finish our Second RV12iS. We started the project with 10 students about 8 months before the lockdowns started and had to take about 5 months off. Once back at it we were down to 5 kids and 5 mentors all wearing masks for about 6 months. Arizona was early to ease up on the mask requirements so most of this year with the mentors all vaccinated we were breathing easy without masks.

You would think that building the second airplane would be a breeze but as it turns out the mentor’s memories had some holes and the new crop of students, while being very smart, made some mistakes that we could have caught sooner. All in all the mentors enjoyed working with the students and the kids unending energy and enthusiasm got us to completion.

Our first flight day was blue skies and calm winds. Our support community was out in full force.

N282AZ flew beautifully with a slightly heavy right wing that went away once you put in some flaps for landing. I think we may keep this airplane for a while. We are in a little better position financially and kit delivery has slowed so I think we can keep working on our #3 airplane without having to raise money by selling #2.

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