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FIrst FLights

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Wayne Norris’ RV-7 | Liberty, Indiana RV-7 #70130

Congratulations to Wayne and Kathy on the first flight of their new RV-7! They write: Our plane was started as a 6/7A in Jan 2000 by a guy in Long Island, NY. He got it to the finish kit stage and stopped working on it in 2007. We bought the airframe in his estate sale […] Read More

David Burkhardt’s RV-8 | Scappoose, Oregon RV-8 #81926

Congrats to David on the new RV-8! He writes: Over many years of building that included 2 (very long) combat tours in Iraq, 2 house moves and life that got in the way of my passion to complete my plane. On June 24, 2021 the plane took to the air at the hands of Mike […] Read More

Darin Anderson’s RV-10 | Snoqualmie, Washington RV-10 #41667

Congratulations to Darin on the first flight of his new RV-10! He writes: On June 19th, 2021 N88DA took to the skies for the first time. The takeoff was smooth and clean with no unusual flight characteristics. 30 minutes of high power circles above KPLU were a thrill but also blessedly uneventful. I brief slow […] Read More

Darwin N. Barrie’s RV-7 | Chandler, Arizona RV-7 #72059

Congrats to Darwin on the completion and first flight of his RV-7! He writes: A little late reporting but my 2nd RV-7 took flight in April of 2020. Equipped with a Lycoming/Barrett Precision IO390 and Whirlwind RV74 prop – the plane is quite the performer. Only minor issues to work out. Flew the plane for […] Read More

Glenn Martin’s RV-14 | Windsor, Ontario, Canada RV-14 #140694

Congrats to Glenn on the new RV-14! He writes: After 14 months of continuous build C-FLGW took to the air on June 22, 2021! Pretty much stock with a Thunderbolt 390 and a few other upgrades. Thanks to all who have helped especially my dear wife for her unlimited support with my flying activities, Peter, Perry, […] Read More

Bill Verduin’s RV-7 | Zeeland, Michigan RV-7 #73043

Congrats on the new RV-7 Bill! Built RV-4 number 1628 25 years ago and needed a project, so in 2008 I started and accidentally finished this month. Weight is 1039 but airplane is as light as it ever will be. Took off heat muff and plugged the hole in the baffling so that all the […] Read More

Steve Johnson’s RV-12iS | Dunedin, New Zealand RV-12iS #121143

Steve wrote in to let us know about the completion and first flight of his RV-12iS: NZ-TXW (RV-12iS) became an airplane today with a successful first flight over Dunedin, New Zealand. Everything remained in the green and the performance was impressive. No issues other than a mildly heavy right wing that goes away with deployment […] Read More

Michael Gregory’s RV-10 | Clayton, Delaware RV-10 #40889

Congratulations to Michael on the first flight of his RV-10! First flight went perfectly! It was a short pattern flight but the aircraft flew straight, smooth, and fast. I couldn’t be happier. You folks at Van’s have built an amazing aircraft but the community that has been formed around it is amazing.

Mike Carter’s RV-7 | Berkshire, England RV-7 #74405

Mike has completed and flown his new RV-7 for the first time: Six years after setting the first rivet G-CLAO took to the skies on cold damp February morning. She flew faultlessly with just a couple of minor tweaks to the G3X setting required on landing. Following a successful flight test program AO received her full […] Read More

Greg Young’s RV-6 | Spring, Texas RV-6 #24633

Congratulations to Greg on the new RV-6! He writes: Dubbed the Phoenix Project, this was a replacement for my first RV-6. I started this build from a partially completed kit picked up in June of 2002. I’ve split my time with flying and upgrading a Navion but have continued to chip away at the RV. […] Read More

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