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Joe Page’s RV-7 | Purcellville, Virginia RV-7 #72965

Congratulations to Joe on his new RV-7! He writes:

After 14.5 years of build time RV-7 serial #72965 first flight was conducted at my home base of Martinsburg, WV (KMRB). Crazy long build time was due to many factors, including the normal life stuff (young kids, job, moves, etc.). More likely reason was that I was happily flying the RV-4 (serial #2370) that my father and I had built and first flew in 1992 and it seemed the closer I got to the RV-7 completion date that would force my hand in terms of parting with the RV-4, the slower I seemed to go on the RV-7 project. Anybody with RV-4 flight experience will understand!

This repeat offender had much assistance from my wife and kids during the build. My older daughter had mastered bucking rivets by the ago of 10, my youngest served as my wiring assistant and my wife gave up her garage in order that I could build a paint booth for the plane. From my father, through me and to the kids makes 3 generations of RV builders and pilots in the family. Pretty cool.

N58CZ is a standard Van’s kit with a YIO 360-M1B, Hartzell C/S, Vertical Power electric breakers, and Dynon Avionics throughout. Paint is Stewart Systems EkoCrylic, seats by Classic Aero. Empty Weight is 1094 lbs. First flight was awesome. Take off acceleration with the C/S prop and 180HP Lycoming felt like a ride at the NHRA Nationals, quick climb to 5,000 and then let that new engine work in for 45 minutes at 24.5″/2450. TAS was 169 KTS, all instruments in the green, then slow to 80 KTS, nibble at slow flight with the flaps at 20 degrees, clean it up and land it. 55 minutes or so with zero squawks. Only moment of “interest” was watching #2 CHT go over 430 degrees on initial climb as its rings worked the cylinder honing, but within minutes it dropped to under 400 as it started its break-in.

Thanks to Southwest pilot and CFI Dave Kelly for giving me time in his 200HP RV-6 to acclimate to higher power and C/S operations. I have plenty of RV time, but this power combination is a different animal than my fixed pitch, 0-320 RV-4 and Dave’s training was invaluable. And thanks to EAA Chapter 1037 members Phil, Mazda and Gary for serving as the ground crew on the big day. This is my second time in piloting a first flight test of a new RV and it sure never gets dull!

I have attached a pic of the plane and the interior, but rather than my post 1st flight pic, I wanted to share my favorite RV grin pic. This one is my daughter Zoe in the back seat of the RV-4 departing Front Royal (FRR) in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Think she is having fun?

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