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Grant Beattie’s RV-10 – the 1,000th flown! | Durban, South Africa RV-10 #41732

A huge congratulations to Grant Beattie of South Africa, who submitted his first flight report for his new RV-10, which turns out to be the 1,000th RV-10 to fly! He writes:

Due to a very low cloud base, we couldn’t fly a long first flight, so decided to stay in circuit.

This RV-10 although flies just like any other still brought out the “RV Grin.”

After building 3 x RV-10s and 2 x RV-7’s you would think the feeling wears off, but I can tell you that it’s as good as the first-ever RV flight over and over again.

Big Thank You goes out to Van’s Aircraft and all the Staff for providing us home builders with such a beautiful kit and great back up, without you Guys and Girls days like this just wouldn’t happen.

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