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Larry Bell’s RV-7A | Atlantic Beach, Florida. The Airplane is in Fredericksburg, VA at Shannon Airport RV-7A #71857

Congrats to Larry, who writes to tell us:

On August 28, 2021 around 9 o’clock in the morning, N40WB, a Van’s RV-7A serial number 71857 took off on its first flight from Shannon Airport in Fredricksburg, Virginia. At the controls was my son in law, Sean Black. His comments on the flight were, “ Flight performance is excellent. I flew a factory built RV 14A and N40WB flies exactly the same way “. While the number hours expended for completing construction was about the same as for any other RV-7A, the hours were spread out from 2004 until 2021. Thanks to everyone who helped me, Mike Goretsas who helped me during the early construction, and Lee Ragsdale who helped me through the final completion with their knowledge and insight. Also Sean Black and Kim Bell who did “grunt Work” of riveting, lifting, moving, etc. Without all of their help, this RV-7A would not have been possible.

Larry Bell
Atlantic Beach, Florida
EAA 151377

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