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Tom Chapman’s RV-10 | Weatherford, Texas ; San Antonio, Texas RV-10 #41388

Congrats to Tom on the new RV-10! He writes:

N653TM took to the air June 6, 2021! The perfect ending to just shy of 3600 hours of build time. With the expert help of my good friend Rick McBride, the build was a great learning experience and very satisfying! (Although both Rick and I are both multiple RV builder offenders, the RV-10 was a bit more involved!) Full Garmin IFR panel, extended range fuel tanks, and air conditioning for the Texas heat and humidity. The perfect combination! My wife and I will be using our new bird to fly between our homes in San Antonio and Fort Worth, as well as many exciting trips planned to visit relatives and travel the country with our standard poodle Zeus. Can’t wait!

Thank you Van’s Aircraft!!

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