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FIrst FLights

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Poul Erik Bech’s New RV-12iS | Denmark RV-12iS #121106

Congratulations to Poul Erik Bech, on the completion and first flight of his RV-12iS! He sent in this report: On the 11 of October 2020 my RV-12iS had its first flight. No problems so far. I started to build two years ago and it has been a pleasure to build the RV-12iS. It is the […] Read More

Stefan Schroeter’s New RV-14A | Aspach / Germany RV-14A #140566

Congrats to Stefan, who recently built his third RV, and his second RV-14A! He writes: I can‘t exactly explain what went on in me… that made me build a third RV. It was probably a number of different reasons, for example people like Daryl Sahnow (top sales man from Van‘s, now retired and still a […] Read More

Bruce Stoddart’s New RV-7A | Brighton, Michigan RV-7A #73627

Join us in congratulating Bruce on the completion and first flight of his RV-7A! First flight with after all the years of building occurred October 4, 2020 from Howell, Michigan (KOZW). 2.1 hours on the first flight. No big problems, what a fun aircraft to fly. And what a thrilling day! Could never have done […] Read More

David Welsh’s RV-7 | Beaumont, Texas RV-7 #70738

Congrats to David, who stuck with it and finished his RV-7! A big thanks to Bruce Bohannon, who gave me my RV transition training and also did the first flight of my plane. HIs flying experience and skills are well beyond the low-time hours that I have under my belt, so I was relieved to […] Read More

Ray Williams’ RV-7A | Mittagong, NSW, Australia RV-7A #73427

Congrats to Ray, who writes in to tell us about the first flight of his new RV-7A, RayJen, which he completed despite some very difficult and painful circumstances. We’re truly proud that you are part of the Van’s family, Ray! After 12 years, my RV-7A took to the air with ease. It was personally challenging […] Read More

Daniel Sulzer’s New RV-7 | Switzerland RV-7 #73881

Congrats to Daniel on the first flight of his new RV-7 in Switzerland! He writes to let us all know: After 9 1/2 years of fun building with great support from my family, friends, the local RV-Community and the team from Van’s Aircraft I departed my local airport in HB-YTB #73881for the first time. All […] Read More

Mark Beard’s New RV-8 | Essex, MD RV-8 #83652

Congrats to Mark, who built his RV-8 at Synergy Air’s facilities in Oregon! Here is his first-flight report: On Monday September 21, the skys cleared of smoke over central Oregon. I flew N23MB on its first flight out of KEUG. The airplane flew straight and true, and has amazing climb performance. I will finish my […] Read More

Tom Dubrouillet’s New RV-8 | Rock Hill, SC RV-8 #83563

Tom writes in to fill us in about the first flight of his RV-8! RV-8 N563RV had it’s first flight on 1/9/19, after 2yrs and 9 months of building and painting. I had about 1000hrs of RV time in 4, 6, 8, and 7A models and 563RV behaved perfectly on her first flight No trims […] Read More

Rusty Bartel’s New RV-12 | Creswell, OR RV-12 #120337

Congratulations to Rusty and everyone involved in the completion and first flight of Rusty’s new RV-12! They wrote in to tell us the awesome story: After 9 years of diligent building, health issues put a stop to Rusty’s build. EAA Tech Counselors Alan Wieder from Eugene and Gary Ludeke from Creswell finished up the build […] Read More

Brett Zefting’s New RV-8 | El Segundo, CA RV-8 #83697

Nice Job Brett on your new RV-8! He wrote in to report: We received our airworthiness on 8/21 and got everything buttoned up in time for an evening test flight on 8/22. What started as a project with my fiancé ended up as a family affair with my wife and daughter helping finish. Slow build […] Read More

Ron Slosberg’s New RV-14A | Roswell, GA RV-14A #140562

Congratulations to Ron on the first flight of his new RV-14A! After 20+ months of building, RV-14A, N3318S took flight for the first time today. I can’t put into words how gratifying it was to leave the earth in a machine that I built. Special thanks to Jared Solomon for making the first flight with […] Read More

Robert Hecker’s New RV-10 | Spokane, WA RV-10 #41685

Kudos to Robert, who wrote to report on the first flight of his RV-10! I could not have imagined all the new skills and friends this project would create. Choosing to use slow build kits, doing my own avionics and painting myself was a great choice. Thank you Van’s for designing such a wonderful airplane.

Rob Burgess’ New RV-14 | Shreveport, LA RV-14 #140110

Congratulations to Roger on the first flight of his new RV-14. He wrote in to report: Six and a half years and it’s finally airborne. This was a slow build kit and my first build. Initial flight was smooth with no issues. I am looking forward to the test flights. Thanks to all my friends, […] Read More

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