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FIrst FLights

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Ken Hitt’s RV-7A | Mount Vernon, WA RV-7A #74744

Congratulations to Ken on the first flight of his RV-7A! First flight went off without any issues, plane flies straight and level, fully expected a possible heavy wing but that didn’t happen. Flight was only 20 minutes, weather was not my best friend, but at least the first flight nerves are gone and I am […] Read More

Douglas Rohrer’s RV-9A | Bowling Green, KY RV-9A #91593

Congrats to Douglas, who sends us his build and first flight story! I bought an abandoned project. The tail feathers were built and the wings were started. I finished building the wings and ordered a QB fuselage. Later came the rest of the kits. I built an O-320 engine from yellow-tagged and new components. I […] Read More

Jarek Teresiński’s New RV-8! | LESZNO / POLAND RV-8 #83601

Jarek writes in to tell us about his new RV-8! Hi, let me introduce myself- I am Jarek Teresiński from Poland. Core and wings of the plane I ordered on November 2016. On May 2017 my first package arrived with kit to build. On July I had stared building plane under the watchful eye of […] Read More

Tim Harris’ New RV-8! | Jesup, GA RV-8 #83081

Congrats to Tim on his new airplane! He writes: Vic Syracuse was my DAR and test pilot. He inspected the plane and flew it Feb 2020. I only had 6 hours of transition training in an RV-6 as my TOTAL tailwheel time, which wasn’t enough. I went to New Smyrna Beach and flew with Capt […] Read More

Bruce Mason’s RV-7A | Kaysville, Utah RV-7A #74211

Congrats to Bruce, who made the first flight in his RV-7A late last year! First flight was November 9, 2019 at KOGD airport. First flight lasted 53 minutes performing “engine break-in” orbit over the runway at high power. The airplane flies straight & true without any need for tabs. I could not have done it […] Read More

Rob Lasater’s RV-14 | Lincoln, CA RV-14 #140320

Congrats to Rob, who writes to tell us about the first flight of his RV-14! After 3.5 years and 1876 hours, N414S took to the skies. After a rapid acceleration she jumped of the ground and climbed to 1,000 by the end of the runway. She flew straight and true and cruises “hands off and […] Read More

Travis Noble’s New RV-7 | Beloit, Wisconsin RV-7 #74585

Travis wrote in to tell us all about his RV-7 first flight, which happened recently in December. Congrats, Travis! Hi Van’s, Just wanted to let you know that RV-7 #74585 received it’s Airworthiness from an FAA inspector the first week of December and made it’s first flight on December 19th 2019 after 3 years and […] Read More

Brian D. Beatty’s New RV-7 | Denver, CO RV-7 #72714

A huge congrats to Brian, who writes in and sends photos of his RV Grin, and tells us about the first flight of his brand-new RV-7 that took place today! “The plane flew just like every amazing story you’ve ever heard about an RV. It launched off the runway at close to gross weight and […] Read More

Chris Simpson’s RV-4 | Reno, Nevada RV-4 #3616

It’s actually been 19 years since Chris first flew his RV-4, but we are super glad for the belated report! “What a fun journey. This project took 2 years and 3 months to complete. Over the years this plane has been a great source of enjoyment for me. She is VFR with an IO-360 and […] Read More

David Rohrlick’s new RV-12iS | Powell, OH RV-12iS #120864

Congrats to Dave, who sends us the story of how he came to build and fly his new RV-12iS! I was about 11 years old and I always loved the idea of taking apart things, I admit having trouble getting them back together. I loved to build plastic Revell model airplanes that I hung from […] Read More

Kevin Lippert’s new RV-14A | Scottsdale AZ RV-14A #140443

Congrats to Ken, who writes in about the first flight of his new RV-14A: Today was the feeling of great accomplishment. Actually flying this plane truly brings that RV grin to my face. Those summer days here in AZ sweating it out in a hot hangar seemed endless. Sticking to 6 – 10 hours a […] Read More

Mike Konz’ RV-14A | Hays, KS RV-14A #140049

Mike writes in to let us all know: Pleased to say N664K my RV-14A #140049 is officially complete. First flight was in July of last year, flew straight and true from the start with no issues at all. Just got her back from Aces High Aircraft Refinishing based right here in Hays, KS and couldn’t […] Read More

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