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Dave Shipley’s RV-14A | Yates City, Illinois RV-14A #140655

Congratulations to Dave on the new RV-14A! He writes:

I started building the Empennage kit at the end of September 2019. I found it to be easy and had it completed by November 2019. I received the Quick Build Kit end of February 2020. I received my airworthy certificate on December 6, 2020. This was the best way to spend my time during the Covid-19 lockdown. One year of build time. A big thanks goes to my wife Cathy for her support and help. I am happy to report the first flight went perfectly. The engine ran great, avionics and the rigging was spot on. A little bit of additional excitement because it was my first flight in an RV-14. The plane performed awesome. Thanks to Van’s for providing such a great kit.

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