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FIrst FLights

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TeenFlight Puyallup’s TF4 flies! | Puyallup, WA RV-12 #121005

Congrats to TeenFlight in Puyallup, Washington on their fourth RV-12! TeenFlight Puyallup celebrated the first flight of their student built TF4 aircraft (RV-12 ULS), their 4th completed RV-12. Marv Scott piloted the plane and reported she flew great! A couple more flights will be made before delivering it to the paint shop. Final testing will […] Read More

David Perdzock’s new RV-9A | Delaware, OH RV-9A #92242

David writes in to tell us about the first flight of his RV-9A. Congrats, David! ”After three and a half years of building, my friend and trusted pilot Stever Beaver took my plane for its first flight. According to Steve, it is ‘a very well balanced, very smooth and gentle flying airplane. It was an […] Read More

Denny Vander Weerdt’s New RV-12 | Grinnell, IA RV-12 #120885

Congrats to Denny on the first flight of his RV-12! ”A bucket list project that finally moved to the top. A copy of the ‘Dyke Delta’ is on the bookshelf from college days to give you a clue. The build experience was a hoot, precision kit, great Van’s support and a great finished project. Transition […] Read More

Tom McLoed’s RV-7 | Columbus, IN RV-7 #74170

Here’s the great news from Tom! ”I’m happy to report that after a 6.5yr build, N432TM took to the air for the first time. First flight was successful and I’m looking forward to flying the 40hr test period and learning how to fly my new plane! Van’s, Thanks for a great Aircraft!“

John Keen’s RV-7 | Gold Coast, Australia RV-7 #71831

John’s report on the first flight of his new bird! ”Hi, my RV-7 VH-BBU had her maiden flight yesterday (Aug 17) in the hands of the legendary Nigel Arnot. He reports that she flies beautifully and all temps and pressures where they should be. Many people have contributed to this result, and the skills I’ve […] Read More

Edmund “Alex” Russell’s RV-7 | Lincoln, CA RV-7 #72822

Congrats to Alex – and family – on the first flight of his new RV-7! “8 years, 4 months, and 12 days ago a young married couple launched their dream of building an airplane. Today our RV-7 took flight for the first time. Soaring to 4000ft over the fields of Lincoln, CA N759AQ flew beautifully. […] Read More

Thomas Lauterbach’s New RV-14A! | Cypress, TX RV14A #140083

Congrats to Thomas on his first flight! Here is his report: After 5.5 years of building from slow kits, my RV-14A took flight. I have to thank John B. for doing the honors, I know when I am out-skilled and left it to his very capable hands. The plane flew beautifully and the Thunderbolt Lycoming […] Read More

Mark Dupont’s New RV-14A | Aiken, SC RV-14A #140236

Congrats to Mark on his new RV-14a, and for being chosen to display it at Oshkosh this year in the Lycoming booth! His report: After 3 years of construction, N435MD took flight for the first time. The plane is even more fun to fly than it was to build, and I really enjoyed the building […] Read More

Greg Vosper’s RV-7A First FLight | Toronto, CANADA RV-7A #73657

Greg reports on the recent first flight of his new RV-7A! Van’s Aircraft Kit #73657 took to the skies on December 18, 2018, exactly eight years to the day from the first rivet squeezed, thus realizing my life long dream of building and flying my own aircraft. Better late than never! RV alumni and test […] Read More

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