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Craig Pearce’s RV-7 | South Africa RV-7 #73903

Congratulations to Craig on the completion of his RV-7! He writes:

After receiving the empennage kit for my RV-7 three years ago, ZU-JLC flew for the first time on the 14th of February 2021. The call sign is inspired by my 3 children, Jason, Leah, and Cheyenne. My son and I built most of the aircraft in our garage at home before moving her to her home airport, Eagles Creek, in South Africa in September 2020. The first flight was a huge success with the aircraft flying as straight as an arrow. Kevern Brown, an experienced RV builder flew chase plane in his RV-7, ZU-KEB, which is also inspired by his children, Kieran and Erin Brown.

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