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Enrico Musto’s RV-8 | Trento, Italy RV-8 #82813

Congratulations to Enrico on his new RV-8! He writes:

This morning, after 50 months of building time, shortly after my 50th birthday and a pandemic rolling over the whole wide world, my RV-8 became an airplane! A huge big thanks to the experienced RV-8 pilot Luca Perazzolli, my mentor and master, who kept me motived during this time and finally took my baby up for the maiden flight. I still would be in the workshop pounding those rivets, if I didn’t get his brotherly help.He reported that engine and systems worked very well, handling was pure RV: light and precise with only a slightly heavy wing. Lycoming YO-360-A1A from Van’s with two Pmag spins a brand new Catto three blades 68″ x 76″, panel is around Garmin 10” G3X touch plus Garmin COMM and XPDR. Empty weight is 1066 Lbs. Many thanks to everyone at Van’s for producing such an awesome kit and helping with all my questions and issues, Club Aviazione Popolare association in Italy for the support and assistance to obtain the Permit To Fly and many other friends for constant help and moral support! But most of all, thanks to my family who kept me focused on the really important stuff in life.
After this first, many RV grins to come…
– Enrico


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