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FIrst FLights

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Chris Simpson’s RV-4 | Reno, Nevada RV-4 #3616

It’s actually been 19 years since Chris first flew his RV-4, but we are super glad for the belated report! “What a fun journey. This project took 2 years and 3 months to complete. Over the years this plane has been a great source of enjoyment for me. She is VFR with an IO-360 and […] Read More

David Rohrlick’s new RV-12iS | Powell, OH RV-12iS #120864

Congrats to Dave, who sends us the story of how he came to build and fly his new RV-12iS! I was about 11 years old and I always loved the idea of taking apart things, I admit having trouble getting them back together. I loved to build plastic Revell model airplanes that I hung from […] Read More

Kevin Lippert’s new RV-14A | Scottsdale AZ RV-14A #140443

Congrats to Ken, who writes in about the first flight of his new RV-14A: Today was the feeling of great accomplishment. Actually flying this plane truly brings that RV grin to my face. Those summer days here in AZ sweating it out in a hot hangar seemed endless. Sticking to 6 – 10 hours a […] Read More

Mike Konz’ RV-14A | Hays, KS RV-14A #140049

Mike writes in to let us all know: Pleased to say N664K my RV-14A #140049 is officially complete. First flight was in July of last year, flew straight and true from the start with no issues at all. Just got her back from Aces High Aircraft Refinishing based right here in Hays, KS and couldn’t […] Read More

Rick Thorburn’s new RV-7A! | Vernon B.C. Canada RV-7A #74180

Rick sent us this report from British Columbia about the first flight of his latest RV build, an RV-7A! First flight. All went well. Good trim and strength forward. The normal big RV grin that I’ve had before as this is my fifth grin in twenty-four years. This girl is fondly called “Ruby 2” as […] Read More

Ken Balch’s New RV-14A | Clermont, FL RV-14A #140494

Congrats to Ken, who sends in this report on his first flight: This particular airplane is my second RV (I previously built an -8 which first flew in 2002) and, over the last 21 months spent working on it, I’ve renewed my acquaintance with the RV community (the very best part of building an RV!) […] Read More

Joe Waltz’ RV-10 | Montgomery, Texas (KCXO) RV-10 #41864

Joe writes to tell about his RV-10’s first flight: First flight was a blast, can’t wait to do some traveling. 5 days a week x 104 weeks = 1 RV-10. Used the EAA Flight Test Guide to develop my test profiles. Flew perfectly trimmed, discovered some new unknowns that only flight testing can reveal. More […] Read More

Phil LaMar’s RV-14A | Los Gatos, CA RV-14A #140387

Phil writes to share his first flight story: Today was the long-anticipated first flight of N1414A. She took 2 3/4 years to complete and was a complete joy every step of the way. She flew great with no squawks at all. I can’t wait to get her in the air again and work through the […] Read More

JR Davis’ New RV-8 | Ramona, California RV-8 #83655

Congrats to JR on the first flight of his new airplane! He writes: “Today my RV-8 had its first flight and an additional 4 hours of flight time. It was a good day and I am so happy I could bust. The airplane flew straight right out of the box. Thank You.”

William Frymark’s New RV-7 | Aurora, IL RV-7 #72969

William writes in to let us all know about his new RV-7 – Congrats! 12 yrs, 9mos and 1 day since starting construction. And it was a Quick Build! Hey, life is busy. Failure is not an option. I could not have done it without family support, as well as VAF, Mike Bullock’s and Dan […] Read More

Greg Uhl’s New R-8 | Columbus, MS RV-8 #81733

Greg writes in to report the first flight of his new RV-8! I bought this as a project someone else had started. With LOTS of help, I finally got the airworthiness complete and enjoyed the first flight! What a great airplane – thanks Van’s Aircraft!

Mark Weaver’s New R-12iS | Greenville SC RV-12iS #120950

Mark Weaver sends in this report on the first flight of his new R-12iS! First flight performance was really good. Some minor tweaks to do before next flight, but flew as expected. Still grinning 4 hours later. Thanks, Van’s.

Mike Bilinsky’s RV-7A | Waterford Ontario Canada RV-7A #71600

Congratulations to Mike on his new RV-7A! He writes: From the first flight I have only changed oil at 25 hrs. Quick build fuselage and wings made for easy build Used Aerothane paint Stein Air wiring, Garmin G3X duals, Garmin radio and transponder, classic interior. Great flying machine!

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