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Tracy Trathen’s RV-7A | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada RV-7A #74619

Congrats to Tracy on his new RV-7A! He writes:

After almost four years of build, C-GTCT took her maiden flight on November 23, 2020. As I lined up for take off after many minutes of checking and double checking everything, the nervousness went away as I was focused on the task of flying this machine that I assembled. I have to admit I had a brief moment of “I hope this works!” go through my head. As I pushed the throttle in, the plane started to roll down the runway producing full power. Everything was in the green and ready to go. Take off was smooth and predictable. Nothing scary. I was airborne. She flew beautifully. I can tell you the RV Grin is a real thing. Van’s builds a fantastic product that goes together as promised. The Support from Van’s is second to none. Thank you. There are many others that need to be thanked as well during his journey. You cannot do this on your own. My spouse, Karen spent many hours alone as I worked in the garage. She supported me the whole time and was the one that would stop me in the evenings at around 11 PM and say, Tracy………its time to stop for the day. She even helped with riveting when I needed a hand. Thank you Karen. 

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