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Kevin Sanders’s RV-8 | Austin, Texas RV-8 #83148

Congrats to Kevin on his new RV-8! He writes:

The first flight was uneventful and peaceful. Flew straight and level, and the whole day of the flight was very surreal. N557KV is instrument certified and has the Dynon 10 inch, HDX, Garmin 430, Dynon D3, and … wait for it… Dynon autopilot. Okay, maybe not a big deal for some of you – but this is my first aircraft with an AP. Full disclosure I received the empennage in late 2010 and completed the tail section in three months. Then it was hung up on the garage wall, where it stayed for five years. We all know how life, family, and work have a way of leading us down other paths until we wake one day and realize we have lost our way. Life does not have a reset button … so in early 2016 I ordered the entire Quick Build Kit. It arrived on the 29 of December 2016, and the dream was re-united with the dreamer. The story is still being written and I will hopefully be writing our story for many years to come.

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