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FIrst FLights

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Dennis Fox’s RV-8A | Three Hills, Albersta, Canada RV-8A #80531

Dennis writes in: First flight of CGRVU was May 15, 2017 after 7 years of construction. All went well with no snags and performance of the airframe and engine combination was gratifying and very grin-worthy. Engine is IO-360 A1A from a Mooney and overhauled by Dave From Aviation in Red Deer. Prop is Whirlwind 200RV […] Read More

Jeffrey Pringle’s RV-7A | Orlando, Florida RV-7A #72587

Jeff sends news of the first flight of his new RV-7A! ”First flight totally complete, coming home from the paint shop at Evoke Aviation Paint in Garden Alabama. I this partially completed RV-7A that was started by Phillip Maples before his passing. I was super lucky to be able to acquire a project started by […] Read More

Charles Gregg’s RV-7A | Sanford, Florida RV7A #73760

“After a little over 8 years, RV-7A N307CG, a father and sons build, had its first flight on January 11, 2019. I’m truly amazed with the performance and flight characteristics of this aircraft. “Equipped with a Aerosport Power IO-375-B1B, and a Whirlwind 200RV prop. IFR panel by Advanced Flight Systems and a 430W.”

Patrick Sheehan’s RV-9A | Auckland, New Zealand RV-9A #92055

Congrats to Patrick Sheehan in New Zealand, who writes in about the first flight of his new airplane: Van’s RV-9A #92055 first flight Friday 5 April 2019 – The challenge for me was to personally learn and undertake all the disciplines needed to complete this 7 1/2 year build. 8 if you include the paperwork! Lycoming […] Read More

Mike Whitescarver’s new RV-8A | Maumee, Ohio RV-8A #81254

Mike sends this report of the first flight of his RV, which took place in October: After 18 years of slow but enjoyable construction of my RV-8A, N926MW finally took to the air on October 13, 2018 with fellow RV-8A builder and pilot Tim Fitzpatrick doing the initial test flight. The next day I flew […] Read More

Dale Snodgrass’ RV-8 | Ridgeland, SC RV-8 #82206

Dale Snodgrass sent us this report of his first flight in his new RV-8! After 10 years and a couple owners RV-8 82206 took to the skies for the first time 30 March 2019 in Ridgeland, SC. Special thanks to Dennis Argetsinger for helping make this flight possible!! Dale “Snort” Snodgrass

Arlie Conner/Justin Heaton’s RV-4 | Lufkin, TX RV-4 #4538

Congrats to Arlie and Justin on the first flight of their custom R-4, which took only 2.5 years to finish — Pretty quick for an RV-4! They report: First flight was 3-26-19. Build partner Justin Heaton had the honors of taking her up for the maiden flight. The airplane flew great and will only need […] Read More

Rich Moynihan’s RV-7A | Boulder City, Nevada RV-7A #72097

Congrats Rich Moynihan on the first flight of his RV-7A! He reports: I flew my first flight in N 787NV on 3/27/2019. The plane flew great. This was due to help from my RV friends in Boulder City and Henderson (EAA chapter 1300). Our tech counselor and friend Seb Trost flew the first flight with […] Read More

Amer Karim’s RV-10 | Nairobi, Kenya RV-10 #41833

Amer Karim of Nairobi write us to announce his RV-10 has made it’s first flight. He’s just finished this one and will be starting a second QB RV-10 soon! I test flew my RV-10 two weeks ago, and it flew beautifully and was very fast. The aviation authority here in Kenya said they have never […] Read More

Jon Reddick’s RV-8 | Lewes, DE RV-8 #82497

Congratulations to Jon on the first flight of his RV-8! ANd if you’ve ever wondered, “Can I build an RV in a single car garage,” they answer is yes, and you really need to check this out: He’s sent in this report and a video showing his build and first flight: After restoring, flying and […] Read More

Dan Garrelts’ RV-9 – with a tailwheel! | St. Charles MO RV-9 #90621

Let’s be honest: You just don’t see tail-dragger RV-9’s all that often! Dan sends in his maiden flight report: “First flight was 3/16/19, or 16 Years and 5 Months from the date I sign the Van’s License agreement. Engine ran fine staying within all the ranges and the airplane flew very predictable. After taxiing back […] Read More

Karl Kruger’s RV-7A | Helena, Montana RV-7A #73660

Karl caught up with us to provide a report and let you all know about his first flight, which occurred in October 2018. “First flight on October 13, 2018 close to nine years after receiving my first kit. Powered by a 150 hp O-320 and a wood prop by Props Inc, N915JB flew incredibly well. […] Read More

John Fristrom’s RV-7A | KHEG / Jacksonville, FL RV-7A #74085

“After 6 years, 11 months RV-7A N199WT took flight. The 1st flight far exceeded my expectations. The handling and performance of this kit airplane is amazing! I wish to thank all of those who assisted along the way. My build is a slider with Lycoming O-360 and a constant speed Hartzell Prop. Inside, I have […] Read More

Steven Lynn’s New RV-7A | Anacortes, WA RV-7A #73353

“I started building ten years ago because I wanted to build an airplane. I was flying a Piper Cherokee so I wasn’t in a hurry. I choose Van’s RV because they have the largest support group with the forum and great plans and drawings. I knew I would need advice along the way. I followed […] Read More

Sam Bovington’s RV-8 | Seattle, WA RV-8 #83309

“I flew my second Van’s project yesterday out of Arlington Muni (KAWO) near Seattle yesterday. It flew great. I gave it a standard Navy non-tactical gloss paint scheme displaying an A-6 Intruder squadron I was in on the left side, and an EA-6 Prowler squadron I was in on the right side. Thanks Van’s for […] Read More

Charles Vaucelle’s RV-7 | France RV7 #74439

Congrats to Charles on the maiden voyage of his RV-7! “I’m glad to report the first flight of my Rv-7 #74439 on March 1st, 2019. Except few issues to address, the plane flew perfectly with superb handling qualities (as expected). 476kg of ZFW with 180HP Superior IO360 engine and 3 blades MT propeller give awesome […] Read More

Phil Palmisano’s RV-9A | Martinsburg, WV RV-9A #92243

“On March 17th, 2019 Vans Aircraft RV-9A SN 92243 had her first flight after a 3 1/2 year slow build. She flew great with no issues. She’s equipped with full Dynon Skyview HDX system with auto-pilot. Lycoming O-320 160 hp engine with a Catto 3-blade propeller. Beautiful Flightline interior. Thank you to Van’s for a […] Read More

Joe Statt’s RV-10 | Phoenix, Arizona RV-10 #41651

Congrats to Joe Statt from Phoenix on the first flight of his RV-10! He reports: “Many thanks to the MoJo safety team that helped me get this into the air on March 14, 2019. And special thanks go to my wife for her support and love through the process as well as for her riveting […] Read More

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