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Ray Williams’ RV-7A | Mittagong, NSW, Australia RV-7A #73427

Congrats to Ray, who writes in to tell us about the first flight of his new RV-7A, RayJen, which he completed despite some very difficult and painful circumstances. We’re truly proud that you are part of the Van’s family, Ray!

After 12 years, my RV-7A took to the air with ease. It was personally challenging at times but I always got great help from Van’s support team. My wife Jenny gave me total support but sadly she was killed in an awful motor vehicle accident in January, 2019. I survived narrowly and am still recovering physically. Finding a way to finish this project gave me a reason to get on with life. I thank family, Phil, Jake and many friends for their amazing assistance.

Now I’m in Phase 2; this airplane (named RayJen) can fly everywhere and anywhere – and fast. Yesterday I was doing barrel rolls and loops and the Van’s smile just wont go away. Thank you Vans Aircraft for everything.

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