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Lloyd Morris’ New RV-7 in New Zealand | Auckland, New Zealand RV-7 #74690

Congratulations to Lloyd on his RV-7 build and first flight success! He writes:

Wow … what a blast.

Purchased an RV-6 tailplane kit some 20+ years ago but teenage children put the dream on hold, a wise decision at the time, but an even wiser decision was to purchase the Vans RV-7 QB kit several years ago after visiting the factory and hit the build hard with a no-regrets policy. An Aerosport IO-360 driving a Hartzell Carbon up front, plenty of Garmin shiny bits in the cockpit & Classic Aero leather upholstery.

There was plenty to learn along the way, plenty of excellent skilled help and advice that I could not have done without. She flies straight and true, as you would expect, and joins a growing local family of RVs in New Zealand. Best of all I didn’t have to hide all the invoices from my wife and seeing as she has her own G3X screen she has something to fiddle with on trips.

How lucky can a man get … a big thank you to the Van’s Team.

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