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Tom Randel’s New RV-7 | Hortonville, Wisconsin RV-7 #73599

Congrats to Tom on his new RV-7, which he recently flew for the first time! He writes:

Started my build with the tail. After nearly completing it I found a already started kit that I purchased, brought back to Wisconsin from Texas and finished, with the AW Cert on August 15, 2020. Finished paneling and final checks and had a local aerobatic pilot/instructor do the first flight. The plane flew great, made some adjustments to the baffling and flight two went even better. Now that I’m well into the phase one testing, I’m still amazed with the handling and performance of this machine! The RV-7 is powered by a Mid time Lycoming O-360-A1F6D with a 3 blade Catto prop. Thanks for great factory support and designing a great aircraft. Thanks also to my beautiful bride and kids who have supported me through this endeavor!


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