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FIrst FLights

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Christoph Schnyder RV-12 #120832

On Nov.24th, after a few weeks of waiting and praying for the weather to improve, my MagicCarpet has finally airborne. The first flight took about 35 min. and it was a very successful and flawlessly flight. The plane has a fantastic balanced handling behavior and yet is still agile. And the outside view is really […] Read More

Roger Nilson | Western Austrailia RV-8 #83012

RV-8 (Builder No 83012) left the ground on 21 November 2018, around 8 years after being delivered in 5 crates to my shed in Western Australia. It is a standard slow build project apart from the Showplanes Fastback modification. Power from a Lycoming IO-360 with Sensenich fixed pitch prop. Instruments via Dynon Skyview with a […] Read More

Laurie Macdonald’s RV-7A | Canada RV7A #73595

Tail number: C-GRVE (Canadian) First flight: July 21, 2018 Slider Lycoming O-320 B1A Hartzell C/S prop Empty weight 1096 lbs Dynon Skyview EFIS Electric flaps, manual trim Two axis autopilot She flies in eternal memory of George Kowalenko and with special thanks to the fantastic RVers based at Brampton, Ontario. It’s a thrill to join […] Read More

Paul Osborne | Elizabethtown, Ky RV8

It is my pleasure to report the first flight of our RV8 on 7 Nov 18 which we began 5 years, 3 months ago. It has a Grove gear, Todd’s canopy and upswept wing tips…seats by Classic Aero. She’s powered by a Lycoming IO 360 and a Hartzell variable pitch prop. Panel was built by […] Read More

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