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FIrst FLights

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Ben Westfall’s New RV-10! | Coeur d Alene, ID RV-10 #40579

Congratulations to Ben on the first flight of his RV-10. He writes in to share his story and a video: This day finally arrived. After 13 1/2 years building my RV-10 N104EE took flight for the first time this afternoon on a gorgeous fall day in Coeur d Alene, ID. What a ride! Hard to […] Read More

John Tower’s RV-6A | Albion, New York RV-6A #25633

Congrats to John on the completion and first flight of his RV-6A! “Another 20 year build. I started the tail kit in 1999, had the wings and fuselage assembled past the quick build stage, but life got in the in 2005 and I stopped work on it for the next 8 years. In 2013 after […] Read More

William Hale’s New RV-8 | Lake Geneva, Wisconsin RV-8 #82463

Congrats to William on the completion and first flight of his RV-8! He writes to tell us: After fourteen years of start and stop building (Airline Pilot Schedule) N159WP flew for 1 hour and fifteen minutes on September 26, 2019, and many more since. The airplane is a delight to fly, and gets accolades where […] Read More

Hernan Rios’ New RV-10 | Auburn, WA RV-10 #41915

Congrats to Hernan on his new RV-10! He writes in to tell us: First flight was pure joy. The plane trimmed well and flew hands off effortlessly. The controllability and maneuverability are everything I expected from the experiences of my RV owner friends. To finally fly an RV-10 was the culmination of one of our […] Read More

Xavier Picard’s New RV-8 Flies! | Brest - FRANCE RV-8 #82925

Xavier writes in from France to share his first-flight announcement with us! Hello Van’s community, Another one completed after 10 years of building. Nothing to add about the 8… Fantastic, easy to fly, performance! Thanks a lot to Van’s support which is just the best. “My Little Dream” is powered by a IO360 (180hp), is […] Read More

Mike Hardison’s New RV-7! | Carson City, NV RV-7 #74045

Congrats to Mike, who writes with some great news and advice to people who are building: N612AW took to the skies after 8 years of building. Many thanks to my patient wife and family. Also thanks to the riveting help of Don Hornick. The help and support of all the RV owners at KRNM and […] Read More

Gary Konrad’s New RV-7 | Howell, MI RV-7 #70093

Congrats to Gary on the huge milestone! After 18 years of building I finally flew my RV-7 today. First flight was 2.0 hrs. with the coaching and experience of Terry Lutz, CFI/APP. Landings are different than my Dragonfly.

Greg Beckner’s new RV-14A | Houston, Texas RV-14A #140366

Greg Beckner writes in to share the story of his first couple flights in his new RV-14A! First two flights yesterday. Launched and flew without incident. The plane was straight and level hands off-amazing what the Van’s designers have accomplished. The plane is very sensitive so a deft touch is required. After landing we took […] Read More

Jeffrey W Scott’s new RV-9A | Louisville, Kentucky RV-9A #91434

Jeffrey Scott wrote in to tell us about his first flight with Dave Schmitz as Additional Pilot. Congrats on the new airplane, looks really nice! I purchased this kit 2nd hand, just past quick build stage, four years ago. Perfect timing to select interior, instruments, engine, prop, all the personal items. Sunday we had planned […] Read More

Roger Small’s New RV-14 First Flight | New Zealand RV-14 #140075

Congrats, Roger! Nice looking airplane! My RV-14 ZK-LBK flew here in New Zealand after 5 years and 7 months of building. First time build but great support from the Van’s Aircraft team. Flew beautifully and is a standard kit VFR machine with Dynon Skyview avionics suppled by Advanced Flight. Engine and prop the standard package […] Read More

Jonathan Pharr’s New RV-8 | Monroeville, AL RV-8 #80032

Here’s the word from Jonathan on the maiden voyage of his RV-8: “First flight in the books! She flies like a dream, no surprise there. I’ve owned a RV-6 in the past and always dreamed of building an 8. I picked this one up as a partially completed project (quick build stage basically) just over […] Read More

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