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Bill Bencze’s New RV-7 | Half Moon Bay, CA RV-7 #74152

Congrats to Bill, who just flew his RV-7 for the first time! He wrote in to share his first-flight story:

After 8.5 years of slow building, 2311 hours in the builders log, RV-7 N430WB finally broke the surly bonds today for a successful first flight from KHAF Half Moon Bay, CA. Engine ran well; CHT’s a little hot prior to break in but totally manageable. The pitot ASI died on takeoff, but I was able to fly with the GPS GS reading on the Garmin. Slightly heavy right wing, but very easy to trim out. The plane flew just like the transition training -7 I flew with Mike Seager.

Overall, it was a non-event! I went up with Brian Branscomb under AC 90-116, a hangar neighbor, ATP, CFI, A&P and lifelong home builder with ~10 first flights in his logbook to help keep eyes on things; he said he was a little bored — a perfect low drama flight.

I even managed a totally respectable 3 point landing; of course it was early morning at the field and there was no one to see it.

Post flight de-cowling inspection showed no leaks or any other issues.

Finally happy to be flying!

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