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Dennis W. Huser’s RV-9 | Warren, Michigan RV-9 #91635

Another tailwheel RV-9 has taken to the skies – and congrats to Dennis, who sent us his account of the build and first flight in 2018:

First flight was May, 26, 2018 from Ray Community Airport (57D) in Michigan. First flight lasted 54 minutes performing new “engine break-in” just north of the field. The 9 is my second build project, the first being a Kitfox III. This RV-9 airplane is solid and flies straight & true. My sincere thanks and gratitude goes to my wife Claudia who lent me her ability to hold this or that and large portions of her house for two build projects.

Additional thanks and appreciation go to Mike Kohler (RV-6 pilot – former instructor) who participated with me in the APP (Additional Pilot Program) for the first 4 hours of flight, and to Wayne Baumann (RV-6 pilot and instructor) who flew an additional 3 hours. Others who deserve mention for the time they put in helping with final assembly and first engine start are Rex Phelps, Dave Pohl, George Roland and Bob Mahieu. The project start to finish spanned about 10 1/2 years. I enjoyed and profited from every minute I could work on it. To date I have 43 hours on N635P, completed EAAs Phase I, and look forward to every time I can fly it. Van’s has put together the finest kit airplanes.

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