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Renzo Rissetto’s RV-10 | Chile RV-10 #41613

Congratulations to Renzo from Chile on the first flight of his new Rv-10!

My RV-10, CC-AUS, started in March 2015 and flew for the first time on May 13, 2020 from Rodelillo Airport, SCRD, at. Valparaiso, Chile. The aircraft is a fairly standard RV-10 with few modifications to Van’s building instructions. The engine is a Lycoming YIO-540-D4A5 and is powered by a Hartzell. The panel was built in-house with two Garmin G3X 10″ displays, GTN 650, autopilot, and another Garmin avionics provided by SteinAir.

I would like to thank Hernan Santibañez, an aerobatics pilot in RV7 and RV builder for their valuable advice on construction and their help with the first flight.